Comme on dit French Language Program

A revolutionary new approach to teaching French

Coming Spring 2018

Comme on dit: Première année de français

Comme on dit

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  • Student’s Edition Textbook
  • Student Access to Companion Website 
  • Teacher’s Edition Textbook (complimentary)
  • Teacher Access to Companion Website (complimentary)
  • The Comme on dit French language program is the first to use authentic, native-speaker discourse to lead students through the first two years of French language learning. 

Responding to research showing the importance of communicative interaction to the learning process, Comme on dit French language program engages students with the inductive method to help them discover how the French language works and build their own internal understanding of it. Comme on dit French language program emphasizes authentic speaking from the beginning, exposing students to authentic—not scripted— interactions, giving students the tools and skills they need to communicate in French from the start, while promoting good pronunciation. Fun and culturally rich, the activities engage students in class and at home with authentic written texts and online activities to practice what they have discovered. 

These materials have been used successfully and refined at The University of Chicago for over ten years. 


  • Proven methodology: Students reach ACTFL Intermediate-Mid to Intermediate-High after completing this book.
  • Companion Website: Over 350 homework exercises, much of it automatically graded. 
  • Authentic audio and video: Materials for teachers and students will be available to download. 
  • Answers at your fingertips: Teacher’s Edition Textbook will include all of the answers and prompts for syllabus creation. 
  • Extensive teacher support: Instructor’s Manual, quizzes, sample exams, suggested grading rubrics, writing assignments, and more will be available online for teachers only. 


  • Thematically and functionally arranged units on topics ranging from film, health, and the francophone world to making hypotheses, telling stories, and presenting opinions with supporting arguments
  • More than 150 interactive homework activities on the companion website
  • Students can expect to reach Advanced-Low to Advanced-Mid proficiency by the end of C'est ce qu'on dit