Al-Kitaab Part One Companion Website Digital Access Code (Lingco)

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ISBN: 9781647121891 ()

August 2021



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Al-Kitaab Part One Companion Website Digital Access Code (Lingco)
A Textbook for Beginning Arabic
Third Edition, Student's Edition
Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi

This is the companion website access code for Al-Kitaab Part One with Website, Third Edition, for student use only. The companion website accompanies the Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition textbook, and includes all audio and video and fully integrated exercises, some with automatic feedback. If you are enrolled in an instructor-led course, your instructor can track your online progress, assign grades, and give you feedback. Learners who are not enrolled in an instructor-led course receive automated feedback for most of the exercises and, sometimes, see example responses. The companion website is powered by Lingco. Codes will be fulfilled via email by Hopkins Fulfillment Service (HFS). If you are an instructor, please visit the textbook series website for more information on how to set up your course.

Kristen Brustad was an associate professor of Arabic at the University of Texas at Austin until her retirement in 2019.

Mahmoud Al-Batal is a professor of Arabic at the American University of Beirut.

Abbas Al-Tonsi is a former senior lecturer at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar.