DVD for Alif Baa

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ISBN: 9781589016330 ()

July 2010



DVD for Alif Baa
Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds
Third Edition
Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi
This replacement DVD includes all of the audio (as MP3s) and video (as MP4s, iTunes-compatible only) needed in order to complete the exercises in Alif Baa, Third Edition. It is the same DVD bound in to the Alif Baa, Third Edition textbook; however, it is also available for purchase on its own, should students lose their copy or purchase a used book without a DVD.

The DVD can be used by students and teachers without a reliable internet connection in place of the companion website. Or, students can use it to review their homework when away from an internet connection.

This DVD covers units 1-10 of Alif Baa, Third Edition.

PLEASE NOTE: Each new textbook already contains the DVD you need. This DVD is sold separately to anyone who has misplaced, lost, or damaged their original DVD. The material on this DVD is the same material that appears on the DVD that came with the third edition textbook of Alif Baa. There is no new material included on this DVD.