Yallah: Learn Arabic with Al-Kitaab

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Yallah: Learn Arabic with Al-Kitaab
The official vocabulary study aid for Alif Baa and Al-Kitaab
Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, and Abbas Al-Tonsi


Available Now! Easy and simple to get started, Yallah provides advanced features and a customizable experience to quickly improve spoken and written Arabic. Developed from Flashcards Deluxe, one of the highest rated flashcard apps, Yallah is designed to be used with the #1 Arabic language textbooks Alif Baa and Al Kitaab. Educational and fun, Yallah challenges students with adaptive study modes and tracks their progress.

Free to download and sample on Android devices, Yallah offers in-app purchases of the complete vocabulary lists from these books:


  • Free download comes with a ten-card demo deck and an interactive tutorial
  • Choose the deck for each book that fits learning goals: Egyptian+MSA or Levantine+MSA
  • Track learning—progress bars and deck statistics provide real-time feedback 
  • Three card response levels for more efficient studying: Don't know it, Sort of know it, Know it well (vs. the standard correct/wrong) 
  • Test modes include Arabic to English and English to Arabic
  • Four study modes—Practice, Spelling, Multiple Choice, and Timed Quiz—with an additional Browse mode to review cards without keeping score
  • Two smart study settings—Leitner and Spaced Repetition—adapt and prioritize learning based on performance, focusing attention on cards that need more work
  • Audio by native Arabic speakers for every card, with text-to-speech (TTS) available for the English side
  • Use fingertip or stylus to write responses or type answers for more challenging practice
  • Searchable list of vocabulary from each lesson is great for studying
  • Add personal study notes or tips to any vocabulary card
  • Ability to study multiple lessons at once—perfect for exams
  • Clean, efficient user interface, including full-screen and landscape viewing

Sample deck includes 10 vocabulary cards and an interactive tutorial. Additional Vocabulary lists are available as in-app purchases. 

Use Yallah to study complete vocabulary lists for:

  • Alif Baa, Egyptian+MSA
  • Alif Baa, Levantine+MSA
  • Al-Kitaab Part 1, Egyptian+MSA
  • Al-Kitaab Part 1, Levantine+MSA
  • Al-Kitaab Part 2, Egyptian+MSA
  • Al-Kitaab Part 2, Levantine+MSA

 Please note that this App is only available to Android users.