Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 1986

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ISBN: 9780878403226 (0878403221)

January 1986


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Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 1986
Harlan Beckley, Editor

Georgetown University Press no longer publishes the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE). The journal is now published by the Philosophy Documentation Center. To subscribe or find out more about the journal, please visit the PDC website.

The Annual, the journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, offers access to a wide variety of the most recent work in Christian and religious ethics. It is an essential source for student and faculty to keep abreast of new developments in the discipline and to locate sources for research.

Table of Contents
Alan B. Anderson

Presidential Address
Ethical Criteria, Principles, and Guidelines for One's Stance Against Evil
Major J. Jones

Selected Papers, Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, 1986

The Crisis Facing Labor
Thomas Donahue

Rights, Goods, and Virtues: Toward an Interpretation of Justice in Process Thought
Lois Gehr Livezey

Grouding Human Rights: Autonomy vs. Interdependence
Arthur J. Dyck

Welfare Rights and the Constitutional Ethic of Thurgood Marshall
Howard J. Vogel

Iconoclasts, Builders, and Dramatists: The Use of Scripture in Theological Ethics
William Schweiker

The Concept of Justice and a Feminist Lutheran Social Ethic
Elizabeth Bettenhausen

Social Sin and the Role of the Individual
Kenneth R. Himes

Ethics, Agriculture, and the Material Universe
L. Shannon Jung

Professional Resources on Peace and War
Edited by Robin W. Lovin

Ethics and Defense Policy: Resources for Public Discussion
Russell Hardin

Education for Just Peace
James E. Will

Issues in Peace Education: A Peace Church Perspective
Dale W. Brown

War/Peace Materials: Resources for Fresh Ideas
Richard B. Miller

Peace Education in an Integrated Mode
Robert L. Stivers

Syllabi, Texts, and Curriculum

Biographies, Journals, and Church Statements

Organizations and Agencies