Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 1994

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October 1994


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Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 1994
Harlan Beckley, Editor

The Annual, the journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, publishes some of the most recent work by Christian ethicists in North America and offers a convenient way to keep abreast of the best scholarship in the discipline. It is indexed in Religion Index II, Religious and Theological Abstracts, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Current Content/Arts & Humanities, and Research Alert.

The 1994 issue includes a presidential address by Margaret Farley on love in the postmodern world and essays on health care reform, the Protestant idea of vocation, women and aging, military ethics in the Gulf War, family theory in the Chicago School of economics, and religious freedom. There is a professional resources section on feminist and womanist ethics guest edited by Barbara Anderson.

Table of Contents
Editor's Preface

Presidential Address
How Shall We Love in a Postmodern World?
Margaret A. Farley

Selected Papers

Protestant Vocation Under Assault: Can It Be Salvaged?
Douglas J. Schuurman

The "Good Conscience" of Nazi Doctors
Edward Zukowski

Habermas and MacInytre on Moral Learning
Jon P. Gunnemann

Democratic Discourse: Modern Politics and Religious Freedom
Franklin I. Gamwell

Egos without Selves: A Theological-Ethical Critique of the Family Theory of the Chicago School of Economics
Don Browning

A Place from Which to Relate: Land, Ethnicity, and Nationhood
Shannon Jung

The Ethics of Health Care Reform
William F. May

Particular Sorrows, Common Challenges: Specialized Infertility Treatment and the Common Good
Maura A. Ryan

The Road to Basra: A Case Study in Military Ethics
Martin L. Cook and Philip A. Hamann

Women, Aging, and Ethics: Reflections on Bodily Experience
Frida Kerner Furman

Professional Resources

Selected Topics in Feminist and Womanist Ethics: Introduction
Barbara Hilkert Andolsen

Lines and Textures: Authoritative Sources for Contemporary Christian Feminist Ethics
Sally B. Purvis

Shifting Spiritual Authorities for Feminist Ethics
Mary E. Hunt

Feminist Ethics and the "Postmodernist Debates"
Merlyn E. Mowrey

Ecofeminists and Ethics
Lois K. Daly

Dusting Off the Texts: Historical Resources for Womanist Ethics
Karen Baker-Fletcher

Womanist Ethics: Contemporary Trends and Themes
Cheryl J. Sanders