Brave New Digital Classroom

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240 pp., 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9781626167391 (1626167397)

240 pp., 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9781626167407 (1626167400)

February 2020
LC: 2019006122



Brave New Digital Classroom
Technology and Foreign Language Learning
Third Edition
Robert J. Blake and Gabriel Guillén
Foreword by Steve Thorne

Robert Blake, now with Gabriel Guillén, updates his successful book (1st ed. 2008, 2nd ed. 2013) on how teaching foreign languages using technology. Brave New Digital Classroom touches on all of the key concepts and challenges of teaching with technology, focusing on issues specific to FLL or L2 learning and CALL. Originally referred to as computer-assisted language learning, CALL has come to encompass any kind of learning that uses digital tools for language learning.

This edition reframes the conversation to account for how technology has been integrated into our lives. Blake and Guillén address the ways technology can help with L2, how to choose the right digital tools, how to use those tools effectively, and how technology can impact literacy and identity. The book is primed for use in graduate courses: terminology is in bold and a comprehensive glossary is included; each chapter finishes with a short list of references for further reading on the topic and discussion questions. The authors provide short interview videos (free via GUP website) to enhance discussions on each chapter's topic.

Robert J. Blake is a distinguished professor of Spanish linguistics and director of the Davis Language Center at the UC Davis. He has developed online Spanish courses, is author of previous editions of Brave New Digital Classroom, and has co-authored El español y la lingüística aplicada (2016).

Gabriel A. Guillén
is an assistant professor of Spanish at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and an active practitioner in the field of language learning and technology. His research focuses on local and online intercultural exchanges and the use of language learning social networks in the context of hybrid language education. Recently, Gabriel founded Recicle, connecting English and Spanish learners in Monterey, California.

"An indispensable introduction to the field of computer-assisted language learning that is both theoretically sound and highly practical, written in an accessible style palatable to advanced undergraduate and graduate students alike. Blake and Guillén persuasively guide language instructors on how to incorporate existing and evolving new technologies into the L2 classroom in a principled and impactful way."—Bryan Smith, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics, Co-director, CALL Graduate Certificate, Arizona State University