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September 2021
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Business Arabic
A Comprehensive Vocabulary
Second Edition
Mai Zaki and John Mace
An essential reference of contemporary Arabic terms for successful business communication

Business Arabic: A Comprehensive Vocabulary contains the key terms professionals and learners need for successful business communication. Useful for translating both from Arabic to English and English to Arabic, this book is packed with more than 2,000 expressions and coinages commonly used in the workplace, including 700 new words for this edition and both American and British terms and spellings. Each thematically organized section includes an alphabetical list of the words and phrases you need to comprehend, translate, write, read, and speak modern business Arabic. Topics include data and communications, finance, insurance, law and contracts, research and production, publicity and marketing, and travel. Business Arabic also includes an English index for easy lookup.
Mai Zaki is an associate professor at the American University of Sharjah. She has published research on corpus linguistics, translation, and teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

John Mace has worked in Arab countries, both as a personnel and training officer in the oil sector and later as a delegate of the European Commission. He is the author of Arabic Grammar: A Reference Guide and Arabic Today: A Student, Business and Professional Course in Spoken and Written Arabic.
"This second edition contains an intelligently conceived and organized business vocabulary, ranging from general to specialized, across essential business-related domains. Business Arabic carefully arranges well-chosen and up-to-date business lexicon and marks each word's internal vowels in order to assist the nonnative Arabic book users to disambiguate forms that fit more than one inflectional pattern in Arabic. This handy business vocabulary book is an indispensable aid for students of business Arabic, business professionals, and translators, as well as those studying Arabic for general purposes."—Mohssen Esseesy, professor of Arabic and international affairs, George Washington University, and author of Al-Munjiz: Advanced Business Arabic

Table of Contents

1. General

2. Data & Communication

3. Finance

4. Insurance

5. Law & Contract

6. Research & Production

7. Publicity & Marketing

8. Storage, Transport & Travel

9. Personnel

10. Meetings & Conferences

English Index