Climate Change and National Security

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March 2011
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Table of Contents
Press Release

Climate Change and National Security
A Country-Level Analysis
Daniel Moran, Editor
In this unique and innovative contribution to environmental security, an international team of scholars explore and estimate the intermediate-term security risks that climate change may pose for the United States, its allies and partners, and for regional and global order through the year 2030. In profiles of forty-two key countries and regions, each contributor considers the problems that climate change will pose for existing institutions and practices. By focusing on the conduct of individual states or groups of nations, the results add new precision to our understanding of the way environmental stress may be translated into political, social, economic, and military challenges in the future.

Countries and regions covered in the book include China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Central Asia, the European Union, the Persian Gulf, Egypt, Turkey, the Maghreb, West Africa, Southern Africa, the Northern Andes, and Brazil.
Daniel Moran is a professor of national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He is coeditor of Energy Security and Global Politics: The Militarization of Resource Management.
"Climate Change and National Security is a must-read for undergraduates, graduate students, and research professionals alike. This book provides a careful guide to how climate change will affect specific countries and geographical regions. Unlike so many works that lose credibility by either exaggerating or downplaying the issue, the authors in this volume present the issues with military efficiency in a manner that can serve as a guide to practical action. If you read just one book on climate change this year, this should be it."—Richard B. Andres, professor of national security strategy, National War College and Energy and Environment Security Policy Chair, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University

"Climate Change and National Security is an important book for scholars and practitioners. By drawing on the expertise of a wide array of accomplished country and regional experts, the book successfully brings the topic down to earth. The authors' observations are nuanced and get beyond the hype that has suggested climate change will lead to wars and state failure. The book will be essential reading for years to come."—Joshua W. Busby, assistant professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Climate Science and Climate Politics
Daniel Moran

2. China
Joanna I. Lewis

3. Vietnam
Carlyle A. Thayer

4. The Philippines
Paul D. Hutchcroft

5. Indonesia
Michael S. Malley

6. India
T.V. Paul

7. Pakistan
Daniel Markey

8. Bangladesh
Ali Riaz

9. Russia
Celeste A. Wallander

10. Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
Edward Schatz

11. The European Union
Chad M. Briggs and Stacy D. VanDeveer

12. Turkey
Ibrahim Al-Marashi

13. The Persian Gulf: Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman
James A. Russell

14. Egypt
Ibrahim Al-Marashi

15. The Maghreb: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia
Gregory W. White

16. West Africa I: Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Senegal
Linda J. Beck and E. Mark Pires

17. West Africa II, The Mano River Union: Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
Dennis Galvan and Brian Guy

18. Southern Africa: Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe
Ngonidzashe Munemo

19. The Northern Andes: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
Kent Eaton

20. Brazil
Jeffrey Cason

21. Conclusion: The Politics of Uncertainty
Daniel Moran


List of Contributors


Ibrahim Al-Marashi Linda J. Beck Chad M. Briggs Jeffrey Cason Kent Eaton Dennis Galvan Brian Guy Paul D. Hutchcroft Joanna I. Lewis Michael S. Malley Daniel Markey Daniel Moran Ngonidzashe Munemo T.V. Paul E. Mark Pires Ali Riaz James A. Russell Edward Schatz Carlyle A. Thayer Stacy D. VanDeveer Celeste A. Wallander Gregory White