Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Climate

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32 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780878405213 (0878405216)

November 1990
LC: 90-22975

Woodstock Theological Center Seminars on Business Ethics



Creating and Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Climate
Woodstock Theological Center

A report from the Woodstock Theological Center that distills conversations among the business, government, and academic communities to offer an evaluation and recommendations for creating and maintaining an ethical climate in a business corporation.

"Beseiged by problems that may seem out of their control, some corporate leaders complain that they encounter people in the business world who are preoccupied with financial success and steeped in a culture of selfish individualism. Self-indulgent permissiveness, they fear, has become so pervasive and corrosive that these executives have lost confidence that their employees and colleagues will act in ethically responsible ways. As a result, they are worried more than ever about law suits, institutional instability, and the erosion of respect for business as a profession, as well as about the substance of ethical dilemmas they confront in conducting their business.

In response to these troubling issues, the Woodstock Theological Center...brought together a group of corporate executives, academics, and religious leaders to discuss these problems, share experiences, analyze more closely the roots of the difficulties, and develop suggestions for wasy in which concerned buisness leaders can meet the challenge presented by them."—From the Executive Summary