Dental Ethics at Chairside

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August 2002
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Table of Contents

Dental Ethics at Chairside
Professional Principles and Practical Applications
Second Edition
David T. Ozar and David J. Sokol

Selected for 2017 Doody's Core Titles™

Every health care practitioner from Hippocrates to our own day has had to deal with questions of ethics in the effort to serve patients properly and well. The dental professional is no different. For nearly a decade, it has had sound ethical reflection on its side in the form of Dental Ethics at Chairside.

In issues ranging from ordinary chairside decision making to HIV/AIDS and ethical business practices, the first edition of this book has guided thousands of dentists, dental hygienists, students, and other oral health care practitioners to an understanding of the essential practice of ethics.

Now a revised, updated, and expanded edition of Dental Ethics at Chairside responds to the challenges of oral health care in the new century with chapters on managed care, confidentiality and electronic record-keeping, among other important topics.

David T. Ozar, PhD, FACD, is director, Center for Ethics and Social Justice, and professor, Department of Philosophy, Loyola University of Chicago. He is an honorary Fellow of the American College of Dentists.

David J. Sokol, DDS, JD, FACD, is a dentist with many years of private practice experience, and also in the practice of dental and medical health and malpractice law in Highland Mills, NY.

"All dental students should read this book. It is one of the most complete books on the subject of dental ethics."—Doody's Review Service

"A 'must-read and must-have' book for every oral health professional....remains the 'gold standard' on the subject."—Bruce S. Graham, dean, College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago

Table of Contents
Part I. The Dental Profession and Professional Ethics

1. Introduction

2. Profession and Professional Obligation

3. The Question of Professional Ethics

4. The Relationship between Patient and Professional

5. The Central Values of Dental Practice

6. Ethical Decision Making and Conflicting Obligations

Part II. Ethical Issues in Dental Practice

7. Patients with Compromised Capacity

8. Education and Cooperation

9. Bad Outcomes and Bad Work

10. Working Together

11. HIV and AIDS in Patients and Dentists

12. Confidentiality and Patient Records

13. Social Justice and Access to Dental Care

14. Third-Party Payers and Managed Care

15. Dentistry as a Business

16. The Dental Profession and the Community