Digital Exam Copy for <i>Jusuur 1 Arabic Alphabet Workbook</i>

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ISBN: 9781647120245

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March 2022



Digital Exam Copy for Jusuur 1 Arabic Alphabet Workbook
Sarah Standish, Richard Cozzens, and Rana Abdul-Aziz

Designed to be used simultaneously with Jusuur 1: Beginning Communicative Arabic, the Jusuur 1 Arabic Alphabet Workbook teaches students the letters, short vowels, and diacritics found in Arabic. As students learn new letters in the alphabet workbook, they strengthen their literacy skills through the reading and writing exercises in Jusuur 1.

A distinguishing feature of the Jusuur 1 Arabic Alphabet Workbook is that it introduces letters approximately in the order of letter frequency rather than in the traditional alphabetical order. This method, tested extensively in the classroom, enables students to begin to read and write meaningful phrases they are learning in Jusuur 1: Beginning Communicative Arabic as early as possible. Each letter section includes an introduction to the letter and its shapes and sound; space for writing practice; and activities to practice reading and dictation.

Features of the alphabet workbook include:

-Authentic examples of language drawn from poetry, billboards, signs, and other sources to help students learn to identify letters

-Samples of real Arabic handwriting, and guidance on recognizing and writing letters that look different when printed versus handwritten

Resources available on

-Audio files for dictation and listening exercises

-Extensive instructor's resources, including pedagogical notes, answers to activities, and recommendations for lesson and unit planning

By the end of the Jusuur 1 Arabic Alphabet Workbook, students will have learned all of the letters and sounds of the Arabic alphabet. Used in conjunction with Jusuur 1: Beginning Communicative Arabic, this workbook will give students a firm foundation in Arabic literacy to continue their studies.

Sarah Standish was the deputy director of OneWorld Now! in Seattle, Washington. She is the author of Culture Smart! Syria and has taught Arabic since 2009.

Richard Cozzens is a preceptor in Arabic at Harvard University and is the director of the STARTALK Arabic Summer Academy for high school students in Boston. He has been teaching Arabic in different institutions since 2008.

Rana Abdul-Aziz is a senior lecturer and the Arabic language coordinator at Tufts University. With a teaching career spanning fifteen years, she has also taught Arabic at Wellesley College and Middlebury College's Summer Arabic School.