Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology

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February 2019
LC: 2018004912

Moral Traditions series


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Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology
Charles E. Curran

In Charles E. Curran's latest book, Diverse Voices in Modern US Moral Theology, he presents the diverse voices of US Catholic moral theologians from the mid-twentieth century to the present. The book discusses eleven key individuals in the development and evolution of moral theology as well as the New Wine, New Wineskins movement. This diversity, which differs from the monolithic understanding of moral theology that prevailed until recently, comes from the diverse historical circumstances or Sitz im Leben of the authors. Each of these theologians developed her or his approach in light of these circumstances and in response to shifts in the three audiences of moral theology—the Church, the academy, and the broader society.

By exploring this diversity, Curran recognizes the deep divisions that exist within Catholic moral theology between the so-called "liberal" and "conservative" approaches and acknowledges the need for greater dialogue between them, providing a deeper understanding of the methods and approaches of these significant figures. 

This new book from a major figure in the field will be an important resource for students and scholars of US Catholic moral theology and for anyone seeking to understand the current state of moral theology in America today.

Charles E. Curran is Elizabeth Scurlock University Professor of Human Values at Southern Methodist University and has published more than fifty books on moral theology.

David Cloutier, Kristin Heyer, and Andrea Vicini, SJ, Series Editors
"In this book, Curran masterfully combines his expansive knowledge of the history of Catholic moral theology with his insightful methodological understanding of the discipline to explore the Sitz-im-Leben that has shaped the methods and perspectives of some of the most influential liberal and conservative Catholic moral theologians in recent history. The volume invites rapprochement between differing perspectives and reflects the charitable dialogue promoted by Pope Francis and modeled by Curran to move the discipline forward in the 21st century."—Todd Salzman Ph.D., Amelia and Emil Graff Professor of Catholic Theology, Creighton University

"Curran has once again displayed his extensive knowledge of the field of moral theology in the United States. This time he objectively covers all the major contributors to moral theology, on all sides of the issues. This work will be a stimulating review for the veteran teachers of moral theology and a welcome overview for those new to the discipline."—Marie Egan, Professor Emerita, Mount St. Mary's University

Table of Contents
1. John C. Ford
2. Bernard Häring
3. Josef Fuchs
4. Richard A. McCormick
5. Germain G. Grisez
6. Romanus Cessario
7. Margaret A. Farley
8. Lisa Sowle Cahill
9. Ada María Isasi-Díaz
10. Bryan N. Massingale
11. New Wine, New Wineskins
12. James F. Keenan
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