Enhancing Religious Identity

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October 2000
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Enhancing Religious Identity
Best Practices from Catholic Campuses
John R. Wilcox and Irene King, Editors
Foreword by Monica K. Hellwig
Catholic colleges and universities have achieved a prestigious place in American higher education, but at the risk of losing their religious identity. This book confronts challenges facing all members of the college community, from presidents and trustees through the faculty and deans to student-life professionals, in making a renewed commitment to that mission.

Developing the vision of Catholic higher education expressed in the Vatican statement Ex Corde Ecclesiae, these essays provide a framework for enhancing Catholic identity across the campus and in the curriculum. The contributors address significant aspects of the culture of Catholic higher education in order to prescribe the best practices that can help colleges and universities maintain their distinctive religious character and ethical vision.
John R. Wilcox is chair and professor of religious studies at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. Irene H. King is director of the Community Partnerships and Service Learning program at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.

Irene H. King is director of the Community Partnerships and Service Learning program at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York.
"A helpful source of programmatic ideas for enriching Catholic higher education, and will surely be of interest to college administrators, faculty, and trustees alike."—Thomas M. Landy, Founder, Collegium: a Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life

"A remarkable array of documents on Catholic higher education...Here we hear the constructive voices of people in the field, from trustees and presidents through theologians and business school teachers to student life professionals."—David O'Brien, College of the Holy Cross

Table of Contents
Monika K. Hellwig

Religious Identity: A Critical Issue in Catholic Higher Education
John R. Wilcox

Overview: Defining a Catholic University
Irene King

What Is a Great Catholic University?
Richard A. McCormick, SJ

What Is Meant by a "Catholic" University?
Michael J. Lavelle, SJ

The Sides of Catholic Identity
James H. Provost

Leadership and the Board of Trustees
Irene King

The Moral Core of Trusteeship
David H. Smith

Conflicting Basic Duties
David H. Smith

Centered Pluralism: A Report of a Faculty Seminar on the Jesuit and Catholic Identity of Georgetown University
Bruce Douglass

Integrating Mission into the Life of Institutions
Mary M. Brabeck, Otherine Neisler, and Nancy J. Zollers

Hiring Faculty for Mission: A Case Study of a Department's Search
Joseph J. Feeney, SJ, Owen W. Gilman Jr., and Jo Alyson Parker

Is Jesuit Education Fulfilling Its Mission?
Vincent J. Genovesi, SJ

The Integrity of a Catholic Management Education
Michael J. Naughton and Thomas A. Bausch

The Faculty and the Disciplines
Irene King

Catholic Higher Education: A Strategy for Its Identity
John C. Haughey, SJ

The Catholic University Project: What Kind of Curriculum does It Require?
Stephen J. Heaney

Ethics and Religion in Professional Education: An Interdisiciplinary Seminar
James L. Heft, SM

Academic Freedom and the Catholic University: One Generation after Land O'Lakes
Michael Hollerich

Teaching Sociology inthe Catholic University: Conflict, Compromise, and the Role of Academic Freedom
William J. Kinney

Catholic Studies at Catholic Colleges and Universities
Thomas M. Landy

Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas
Don J. Briel

Graduate Business Faculty in the Catholic University
Raymond N. MacKenzie

Theology and the Integration of Knowledge
Terence L. Nichols

In the Beginning Was the Word
Glenn A. Steinberg

Student Life
Irene King

Paradigms of Justice and Love
Patrick H. Byrne

University-Community Collaborations: Shaping the Vision of Catholic Higher Education
Karen Caldwell, Mary Domhidy, Sharon Homan, and Michael J. Garazini, SJ

Measuring Moral Development: A College-Wide Strategy
Margaret G. Kender

Meeting Religious Diversity in a Catholic College
Joan Penzenstadler

Behavior to Consciousness...A Paradigm Shift
Paul Stark, SJ

Strategies for Change
Irene King

A Most Promising Road to Take: The Values Program Process
Donald J. Kirby, SJ

Promoting an Ethical Campus Culture: The Values Audit
John R. Wilcox and Susan L. Ebbs