Ethical Issues in Managed Health Care Organizations

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64 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780878407286 (0878407286)

February 1999
LC: 98-51558



Ethical Issues in Managed Health Care Organizations
Woodstock Theological Center

A review of the complex ethical problems that confront many professionals and decision makers in managed care systems.

"The rapid transformation of the health care system in the United States in recent years has brought previsouly latent value conflicts and questions to the fore in the everyday decisions made by physicians and other clinicians, as well as by health care system managers and executives. The emergence of 'managed care' has also raised complex new questions. And these conflicts and questions often have effects that ripple outward to numerous stakeholders and to society at large. Although no broad social consensus has yet emerged about how the conflicting claims and values in managed care should be resolved, numerous actors in the health care system must simply go forward, making choices and judgment calls and taking actions that often involve difficult trade-offs and complex balancing acts.

In response to these changes in the ethical landscape of health care, the Woodstock Theological Center assembled a group of leading executives of hospitals and health care organizations, physicians and other clinicians, ethicists, and religious leaders to examine the changes, and the ethical dilemmas they raise."—From the Foreword