Ethics & International Affairs

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December 1998
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Ethics & International Affairs
A Reader
Second Edition
Joel H. Rosenthal, Editor
This collection of some of the best contemporary scholarship in ethics and international affairs explores the connection between moral traditions and decision making during and after the Cold War. Each author relates the timeless insights of philosophy and our collective historical experience to the hard choices of our own age. Building on the pioneering work of earlier writers in the 1970s and 1980s, this book offers organizing principles for the study of the field.

This second edition has been expanded from seventeen to twenty-two essays, of which eleven are new. It includes new chapters on the following topics: Asian values and human rights; moral judgment and cold war history; humanitarian intervention and the politics of rescue; the psychology of genocide; truth, reconciliation, and conflict resolution; and international business ethics and corporate responsibility. New contributors include Amartya Sen, John Lewis Gaddis, and Thomas Donaldson.

This volume should be of special interest to those working and teaching in international relations, diplomatic history, foreign policy, applied ethics, and related fields.

Published with the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Joel H. Rosenthal is president of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.
"An eclectic collection . . . It will be useful to entry-level courses in international relations . . . Readers will come away with a sense of the liveliness of the ethical debates that are taking place in the discipline."—Millenium: Journal of International Studies

"An excellent and very useful collection."—Ethics

"This volume contains an impressive number of useful and thought provoking articles put together in a remarkably organized fashion . . . Whether political scientists, policy makers, or ethical theorists, readers interested in the role of ethics in foreign policy and international relations will most likely find this book vastly engaging."—SAIS Review of International Affairs, reviewing a previous edition or volume

Table of Contents
1. Ethics and International Affairs through the Cold War and After
Joel H. Rosenthal

I. Theory
2. Speaking Truth to Power: The Quest for Equality in Freedom
Robert J. Myers

3. The Political Ethics of International Relations
Stanley Hoffmann

4. Is Democratic Theory for Export?
Jacques Barzun

5. Normative Prudence as a Tradition of Statecraft
Alberto R. Coll

II. Culture
6. Basic Moral Values: A Shared Core
Frances V. Harbour

7. Early Advocates of Lasting World Peace: Utopians or Realists?
Sissela Box

8.Applying Confucian Ethics to International Relations
Cho-Yun Hsu

9. Human Rights and Asian Values
Amartya Sen

10. On Moral Equivalency and Cold War History
John Lewis Gaddis

III. Issues
11. The Ethics of Collective Security
David C. Hendrickson

12. Post-Cold War Reflections on the Study of International Human Rights
Michael J. Smith

13. The Politics of Rescue: Yugoslavia's Wars and the Humanitarian Impulse
Amir Pasic and Thomas G. Weiss

14. NGOs and the Humanitarian Impulse: Some Have it Right
Andrew Natsios

15. An Emergency Response System for the International Community: Commentary on 'The Politics of Rescue'
Morton Winston

16. Holding Humanitarianism Hostage: The Politics of Rescue
Alain Destexhe

17. When Is It Right to Rescue? A Response to Pasic and Weiss
David R. Mapel

18. Drawing the Line on Oppobrious Violence
Augustus Richard Norton

19. South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Ethical and Theological Perspectives
Lyn S. Graybill

20. Review Essay: The Psychology of Genocide
Kristen Renwick Monroe

21. International Ethics and the Environmental Crisis
Robert E. Goodin

22. Moral Minimums for Multinationals
Thomas Donaldson