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December 2017


Table of Contents

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
International Engagement on Cyber VII, Fall 2017
Volume 18, No. 3
Tom Hoffecker, Harrison Goohs, and Laura Pedersen, Editors

Table of Contents
Editors' Note

Forum: Cyber (In)security: Making Sense of the New Information Landscape

"Digital Reliance": Public Confidence in Media in a Digital Era
Stephen J. A. Ward

Unveiling the "United Cyber Caliphate" and the Birth of the E-Terrorist
Christina Schori Liang

Post-Truth Soft Power: Changing Facets of Propoganda. Kompromat, and Democracy
Pawel Suroweic

How Cyber Developments and "Fake News" Shape First Amendment Jurisprudence: A Conversation with an Expert
An Interview with Raymond Ku

Bussiness and Economics

Protecting Financial Consumer Data in developing Countries: An Alternative to the Flawed Consent Model
Katharine Kemp and Ross P. Buckley

FinTech and RegTech: Enabling Innovation While Preserving Financial Stability
Douglas W. Arner, Dirk A. Zetzsche. Ross P. Buckley, and Janos N. Barberis

International Financial Regulatory Cooperation and Digital Currencies
Daniel Heller and Edwin Truman

Country in Focus

Ten Years after the Estonian Cyberattacks: Defense and Adaptation in the Age of Digital Insecurity
Stephen Herzog


From Good Diplomacy to Fast Diplomacy: Conducting Foreign Policy in the Information Age
An Interview with Philip Seib

Global Governance

Cybersecurity Statecraft in Europe: A Case Study of Poland
Joanna Swiatkowska

The Challenges and Limitations of Online Counter-Narratives in the Fight against ISIS Recruitment in Europe and North America
Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens

Law & Ethics

Cybersecurity, Encryption, and Corporate Social Responsibility
David W. Opderbeck

The Elusive Ethics of Leaking
Mark Fenster

Military Matters
Who's in Control: Balance in Cyber's Public-Private Sector Partnerships
Jason Healey

Campaign Planning with Cyber Operations
Michael Sulmeyer

Safety & Security

Cyberpeacekeeping: A New Role for the United Nations?
Walter Dorn

Cyberwar and Its Strategic Context
Paul Bracken

Science & Technology

From the Dust Bowl to Drones to Big Data: The Next Revolution in Agriculture
Bruno Basso, James Dobrowolski, and Channing McKay