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November 2020


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Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Summer/Fall 2020
Volume 21
Aaron Baum and Emily Dougherty, Editorslan
Climate—Change is Inevitable is the theme of the twenty-first edition of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. This issue confronts one of humanity's most consequential challenges head-on in pursuit of a better world. With insights from practitioners, experts, and academics from around the globe, this edition provides a full and robust picture of the intersecting impacts of climate change—from business to security to culture and beyond.

The Georgetown Journal of International Affairs (GJIA) is the flagship, peer-reviewed academic journal of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. GJIA goes beyond the headlines in identifying and discussing trends that will shape the world, pairing the foresight of students with the wisdom of accomplished thinkers. Each print edition provides readers with a diverse array of timely, peer-reviewed content that brings unique insight to the broader international relations dialogue. The Journal features a Forum section that offers focused analysis on the theme at hand, along with seven regular sections: Business and Economics, Conflict and Security, Human Rights and Development, Society and Culture, Dialogues, Global Governance, and Science and Technology.
"This journal will not fly you from your chair to the front lines of climate change, but we hope that the voices represented can communicate some of what it means to be there."—Mark Giordano

"...Climate change is a threat multiplier, acting to exacerbate existing water-related risks that governments and communities are already struggling to adequately address. Given the inextricable interlinkages between water and climate, we must solve them simultaneously."—Cora Kammeyer, Ross Hamilton, and Jason Morrison

"Through such rituals honoring the sanctity of nature, my Pacific Island brethren and I learned early on that man-made climate change was the result of our negligence and greed."—Fale Andrew Lesa

"Resolving the zoonotic infectious disease crisis—and predicting, preventing, and responding to future outbreaks—will require action to address the root causes and incentives of wildlife trade."—Sharon Guynup, Chris R. Shepherd, and Loretta Shepherd

"As China shores up resources for its future, countries and institutions with the financial, technical, and political means have a responsibility to uphold environmental standards and sovereignty for those who cannot uphold it for themselves."—Greg Gershuny, Anny Giorgi, and Calli Obern

Table of Contents
Editors' Note

Foreword, Professor Mark Giordano

Forum: Climate--Change is Inevitable

The Climate Crisis as a National Security Risk, Chad Briggs

Climate Change, Livelihoods, and Conflict in the Sahel, Ahmadou Aly Mbaye

Trouble in Pacific Paradise: A Call for Merging Traditional and Modern Tools of Climate Protection, Fale Andrew Lesa

The True Costs of Wildlife Trafficking, Sharon Guynup, Chris R. Shepherd, and Loretta Shepherd


An Interview with President Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of the Republic of Poland

An Interview on Climate Change with John Podesta, founder of the Center for American Progress

An Interview on AI Regulation with Andrew Burt, Lawyer and former Special Advisor for Policy to the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Cyber Division

An Interview on Understanding China with Dr. Michael Szonyi, Director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and Professor of Chinese History at Harvard University

Conflict & Security

Beijing's Intensifying Campaign to Ensure that Tibet Remains A Part of China, Allen Carlson

Weaponizing Wheat: Russia's Next Weapon in Pandemic and Climate Eras, Clara Summers and Sherri Goodman

The Cyber Errand into the Wilderness: The Defending Forward Inflection Point, Matthew J. Flynn

Global Governance

Past Futures for the UN Security Council, Jane Boulden

Dig the Well Before You Are Thirsty: China's Long-Term Resource Strategy, Greg Gershuny, Anna Giorgi, and Calli Obern

A Price of Success, or Buyer's Remorse? The Tension Between the United Nations Sanctions and the United States' Unilateral Approach, Richard Nephew

Averting the Global Water Crisis: Three Considerations for a New Decade of Water Governance, Cora Kammeyer, Ross Hamilton, and Jason Morrison

Business & Economics

Has Globalization Gone Too Far—or Not Far Enough? Shantayanan Devarajan

Security Amid Instability: Oil Markets and Attacks in the Persian Gulf, Jim Krane

It's All in the Business Model: The Internet's Economic Logic and the Instigation of Disinformation, Hate, and
Discrimination, Dipayan Ghosh

Society and Culture

The Owl of Minerva: The Political Contributions of Latin American Public Universities, Carlos Alberto Torres

Climate Relocation and Indigenous Culture Preservation in the Pacific Islands, Lilian Yamamoto

China, Africa, and the Private Surveillance Industry, Samuel Woodhams

Science & Technology

Parsing the Digital Biosecurity Landscape, Diane DiEuliis

Towards a New Era of US Engagement with China on Climate Change, Joanna I. Lewis

No Silver Bullet: Fighting Russian Disinformation Requires Multiple Actions, Terry L. Thompson

Human Rights and Development

Justice Denied: Making Sense of State Noncooperation with International Prosecutions, Marco Bocchese

The End of Kafala? Evaluating Recent Migrant Labor Reforms in Qatar, Amanda Garrett

Student Review

Melodrama and Italicized Language in an Era of #MeToo: A 2020 Review of Jeanine Cummins' American Dirt, Gabriel Panuco-Mercado

Till Populism Do Us Part: A Review of Japan Rearmed by Sheila Smith, Quentin Levin

The Wrong Side of the Fence: A Review of Nick Thorpe's The Road Before Me Weeps: On the Refugee Route Through Europe , Carly Kabot

The Iran Problem--An Evaluation of US Sanctions on Iran and Global Reactions, Mazahir Bootwala

Truth and Truthiness at the Highest Levels: A Review of Brian Rathbun's Reasoning of State: Realists, Romantics, and Rationality in International Relations, J. Killion

Consolidating a Field: A Review of James R. Lee's Environmental Conflict and Cooperation: Premise, Purpose, Persuasion, and Promise , Bobby Vogel

Marco Bocchese Mazahir Bootwala Jane Boulden Chad Briggs Andrew Burt Allen Carlson Shantayanan Devarajan Diane DiEuliis Matthew J. Flynn Amanda Garrett Greg Gershuny Dipayan Ghosh Anna Giorgi Sherri Goodman Sharon Guynup Ross Hamilton Carly Kabot Cora Kammeyer J. Killion Jim Krane Aleksander Kwasniewski Fale Andrew Lesa Quentin Levin Joanna I. Lewis Ahmadou Aly Mbaye Jason Morrison Richard Nephew Calli Obern Gabriel Panuco-Mercado John Podesta Chris R. Shepherd Loretta Shepherd Clara Summers Dr. Michael Szonyi Terry L. Thompson Carlos Alberto Torres Bobby Vogel Samuel Woodhams Lilian Yamamoto