Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

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April 2014



Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
Winter/Spring 2014
Volume 15, No. 1
Medha Raj and Warren Ryan, Editors
This issue of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs focuses on the topic of "Social Media & Social Activism." While the jury is still out on the degree to which social media has impacted traditional activism, these evolving technologies undoubtedly have transformed modern social movements. Still, we do not wish to suggest that the causal link follows only one direction. Indeed, it will be interesting to observe what future effects social activism will have on the information technology industry as it grapples with the increasing complexities associated with doing business globally—across cultures and government types—in a sector where national laws differ greatly and where international norms are ill-defined or nonexistent. This issue's Forum considers responses taken and methods employed by major stakeholders, from grassroots activists to state governments to multinational information technology companies.

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