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March 2014



Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
International Engagement on Cyber III, 2013
Julia M. Famularo and Marta Kepe, Editors
A great deal has transpired in the cyber realm during the past year. These events, particularly the Snowden Affair, have drastically shaped the debate over state power projection and its consequences. Global public discourse previously tended to center upon the Internet as a democratizing force, capable of weakening the control of the nation-state. The Internet transcended national borders and empowered the masses at the expense of traditional power blocks. However, this battle for the control of cyberspace is far from over. The nation-state is attempting to retrench its power in the digital realm, and the forces of centralization are appearing to gain strength in the struggle between diffusion and consolidation. This shift has raised serious questions regarding the responsibilities and limits of government cyber control. State Building on a New Frontier—the third edition of our annual International Engagement on Cyber series—attempts to explore some of these difficult themes. This edition also features articles that deal with the technical side of the cyber discussion, namely attempts to create appropriate standards for continuing infrastructure development.

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