Higher Education as a Moral Enterprise

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July 1992
LC: 92-13886



Higher Education as a Moral Enterprise
Edward LeRoy Long Jr.

Long argues that higher education is a moral enterprise and that, as such, it must be guided by a commitments to what is morally right and fundamentally good, not just by what is necessary in intellectual or financial endeavors.

"The topic is one very close to my own heart, and I cannot think of a scholar anywhere in this country better qualified than Ed Long to discuss it. His own teaching and scholarship personify, in my opinion, the best values of the university experience."—Paul Hardin, chancellor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Professor Long has written an informed and reasoned response to those who want higher education to train students in the agile repetition of inert information. Long holds that commitment is for institutions as well as individuals, that education must be concerned with selves and society as well as scholarship, and that humane learning combines compassion and concern for social justice with academic expertise. Hurray for Long! I hope his book receives wide reading and leads to deeper reflection and action by faculty, administrators, trustees, and students."—Charles S. McCoy, Robert Gordon Sproul Professor of Theological Ethics, Pacific School of Religion