Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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May 2003


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Spring/Summer 2003
volume 23, no. 1
Christine E. Gudorf and Paul Lauritzen, Editors

Formerly known as The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics, it will now bear the official title: Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics. Instead of appearing as an annual, the Journal will appear twice a year—in the spring and in the fall. The Journal will continue to be an essential resource for students and faculty pursuing the latest developments in Christian and religious ethics, publishing refereed scholarly articles as well as a professional resources section on teaching and scholarship in ethics—a preeminent source for further research.

Christine E. Gudorf is professor of religious studies at Florida International University, the author of Body, Sex, and Pleasure: Reconstructing Christian Sexual Ethics, and coauthor of Christian Ethics: A Case Method Approach.

Paul Lauritzen is chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Program in Applied Ethics at John Carroll University in Cleveland, and editor of Cloning and the Future of Human Embryo Research.

Table of Contents

Selected Papers

Receiving and Responding to God's Grace: A Re-examination in Light of Trauma Theory
Jennifer Beste

Corporate Selfhoood and Meditatio Vitae Futurae: How Necessary Is Eschatology for Christian Ethics?
Raymond Kemp Anderson

Three-in-One Flesh: A Christian Reappraisal fo Divorce in Light of Recent Studies
Julie Hanlon Rubio

Ethical Issues and Apporaches in Stem Cell Research: From International Insights to a Proposal
Andrea Vicini, SJ

Reassessing Christ and Culture

The View from Somewhere: The Meaning of Method in Christ and Culture
D.M. Yeager

Christ and Culture: Still Worth Reading after All These Years
Douglas F. Ottati

It Is Time to Take Jesus Back: In Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of H. Richard Niebuhr's Christ and Culture
Glen H. Stassen

A Discriminating Engagement of Culture: "An Anabaptist Perspective"
Duane K. Friesen

Jesus Changes Things: A Critical Evaluation of Christ and Culture from an African-American Perspective
Darryl M. Trimiew

Just Peacemaking

Resource Section on Just Peacemaking Theory
Glen H. Stassen

The Unity, Realism, and Obligatoriness of Just Peacemaking Theory
Glen H. Stassen

Just Peacemaking: Theory, Practice, and Prospects
Lisa Sowle Cahill

So that Peace May Reign: A Study of Just Peacemaking Experiments in Africa
Simeon O. Ilesanmi

The Just Peacemaking Paradigm and Middle East Conflicts
Charles Kimball

Just Peacemaking: Challenges of Humanitarian Intervention
Martin L. Cook

Realist Criticism of Just Peacemaking Theory
Ronald H. Stone

A Just Peacemaking Bibliography
Theodore J. Koontz and Michael L. Westmoreland-White