Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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December 2003


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Fall/Winter 2003
volume 23, no. 2
Christine E. Gudorf and Paul Lauritzen, Editors

Formerly known as the Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics, this is the second volume of the first year of appearing biannually in its new incarnation and an essential resource for students and faculty pursuing the latest developments in Christian and religious ethics.

Christine E. Gudorf is professor of religious studies at Florida International University, the author of Body, Sex, and Pleasure: Reconstructing Christian Sexual Ethics, and coauthor of Christian Ethics: A Case Method Approach.

Paul Lauritzen is chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Program in Applied Ethics at John Carroll University in Cleveland, and editor of Cloning and the Future of Human Embryo Research.

Table of Contents

The Shift in Political Anxieties in the West: From "The Russians Are Coming" to "The Coming Anarchy"
William F. May

Locke, Martyrdom, and the Disciplinary Power of the Church
Jennifer A. Herdt

Ethics, Liberalism, and the Law: Toward a Christian Consideration of the Morality of Civil Law in Liberal Policies
Joel James Shuman

To Tell the Truth: Will the Real Public Theology Please Stand Up?
E. Harold Breitenberg, Jr.

United States Welfare Policy in the New Millenium: Catholic Perspectives on What American Society Has Learned about Low-Income Families
Thomas Massaro, SJ

"A Threefold Cord Is Not Quickly Broken": Virtue, Law, and Ethics in the Talmud
Dov Nelkin

Journey Images and the Search for Reconciliation
William Johnson Everett

Bioethics and the Marginalization of Mental Illness
Janet R. Nelson

Should We Design Our Descendants?
Audrey R. Chapman

After the Slippery Slope: Dutch Experiences on Regulating Active Euthanasia
Theo A. Boer

Playing God? Moral Agency in an Emergent World
Cynthia S.W. Crysdale