Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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May 2010


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Spring/Summer 2010
Volume 30, no. 1
Mary Jo Iozzio and Patricia Beattie Jung, Editors

Georgetown University Press no longer publishes the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE). The journal is now published by the Philosophy Documentation Center. To subscribe or find out more about the journal, please visit the PDC website.

Mary Jo Iozzio is a professor of theology at Barry University.

Patricia Beattie Jung is a professor of Christian ethics and Oubri A. Poppele Professor of Health and Welfare Ministries at the Saint Paul School of Theology.

Table of Contents

Selected Essays

Eschatology, Anthropology, and Sexuality: Helmut Thielicke and the Orders of Creation Revisited
James M. Childs

Poetry, Ethics, and the Legacy of Pauli Murray
Chrstiana Z. Peppard

Consuming Christ: The Role of Jesus in the Christian Food Ethics
Laura M. Hartman

Political Messiahs of Political Pariahs? The Problem of Moral Leadership in the Twenty-first Century
Darryl M. Trimiew

What the Torture Debate Reveals about American Evangelical Christianity
David P. Gushee

Purposive Politics: Paul Ramsey, Repentance, and Political Judgment
Adam Edward Hollowell

Virtuous Assent and Christian Faith: Retrieving Stoic Virtue Theory for Christian Ethics
Elizabeth Agnew Cochran

Is Martyrdom Virtuous? An Occasion for Rethinking the relation of Christ and Virtue in Aquinas
Patrick Clark

Vices and Virtues of Old-age Retirement
Edward Collings Vacek, SJ

A Defense of Unbounded (but Not Unlimited) Economic Growth: The Ethics of Creative Wealth and Reducing Poverty
Joe Pettit

Book Reviews

Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Radical Democrat and a Christian, Stanley Hauerwas and Romand Coles

Politics and the Order of Love: An Augustinian Ethic of Democratic Citizenship, Eric Gregory

Bonhoeffer and King: Speaking Truth to Power, J. Deotis Roberts

Virtue Reformed: Rereading Jonathan Edwards's Ethics, Stephen A. Wilson

The Sanctity of Human Life, David Novak

Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice, Ronald M. Green

Liberating Jonah: Forming an Ethics of Reconciliation, Miguel A. De La Torre

Faith and Force: A Christian Debate about War, David L. Clough and Brian Stiltner; and Just Policing, Not War: An Alternative response to World Violence, Gerald W. Schlabach, editor

Honest Patriots: Loving a Country Enough to Remember Its Misdeeds, Donald W. Shriver Jr; and Prophetic Realism: Beyond Militarism and Pacifism in an Age of Terror, Ronald H. Stone

Christian Ethics and the Moral Psychologies, Don S. Browning; and Spiritual Emotions: A Psychology of Christian Virtues, Robert C. Roberts

Choosing Peace through Daily Practices, Edited by Ellen Ott Marshall; and What about Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus's Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World, Robert E. Brimlow.

Ecologies of Grace: Environmental Ethics and Christian Theology, Willis Jenkins; Sacramental Commons: Christian Ecological Ethics, John Hart; and Green Witness: Ecology, Ethics, and the Kingdom of God, Laura Ruth Yordy