Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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January 2017


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Fall/Winter 2016
Volume 36, No. 2
Mark Allman and Tobias Winright, Editors

Georgetown University Press no longer publishes the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE). The journal is now published by the Philosophy Documentation Center. To subscribe or find out more about the journal, please visit the PDC website.

Mark Allman is a professor in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies and faculty associate in the Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Merrimack College.

Tobias Winright is an associate professor in the Department of Theological Studies, St. Louis University.

Table of Contents

Selected Essays
1. Humanity and the Global Future
William Schweiker
2. Sacralization and Desacralization: Political Domination and Religious Interpretation
Hans Joas
3. What Does It Mean to Be Human in the Aftermath of Mass Trauma and Violence? Towards the Horizon of an Ethics of Care
Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
4. Fancsico de Vitoria's Moral Cosmopolitanism and Contemporary Catholic Social Teaching
Grégoire Catta
5. Rights versus Right Order: Two Theological Traditions of Justice and Their Implications for Christian Ethics and Pluralistic Polities
John D. Carlson
6. Ecumenical Ethics: Challenges to and Sources for a Common Moral Witness
Neil Arner
7. Confessing Race: Toward a Global Ecclesiology after Bonhoeffer and Du Bois
David S. Robinson
8. Ferguson and Baltimore according to Dr. King: How Competing Interpretations of King's Legacy Frame the Public Discourse on Black Lives Matter
Jermaine M. McDonald
9. "The Fierce Urgency of Now": The Ecological Legacy of King's Social Ethics
Nathaniel Van Yperen
10. Hope, Courage, and Resistance during Climate Change: Insights from African American Economic Cooperative Practices
Kerry Danner

Special Report
11. Got Ethics? Envisioning and Evaluating the Future of Our Guild and Discipline
Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas

Book Reviews
12. Religio-Political Narratives in the United States: From Martin Luther King Jr. to Jeremiah Wright, Angel D. Sims, F. Douglas Powe Jr., and Johnny Bernard Hill
13. Beyond the Pale: Reading Ethics from the Margins, edited by Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas and Miguel A. De La Torre
14. Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation, Charles C. Camosy
15. The Vice of Luxury: Economic Excess in a Consumer Age, David Cloutier
16. Religious Ethics and Migration: Doing Justice to Undocumented Workers, Ilsup Ahn
17. Beyond Apathy: A Theology for Bystanders, Elisabeth T. Vasko; and The Limits of Hospitality, Jessica Wrobleski
18. Sacred Mountains: A Christian Ethical Approach to Mountaintop Removal, Andrew R.H. Thompson
19. Ecological Footprints: An Essential Franciscan Guide for Faith and Sustainable Living, Dawn Nothwehr; and The Future of Ethics: Sustainability, Social Justice, and Religious Creativity, Willis Jenkins
20. Can War Be Just in the 21st Century? Ethicists Engage the Tradition, edited by Tobias Winright and Laurie Johnston
21. Weird John Brown: Divine Violence and the Limits of Ethics, Ted A. Smith; and Bodies of Peace: Ecclesiology, Nonviolence, and Witness, Myles Werntz
22. Chinese Just War Ethics: Origin, Development, and Dissent, edited by Ping-Cheung Lo and Sumner B. Twiss
23. The Visions of Catholic Social Thought: The Virtue of Solidarity and the Praxis of Human Rights, Meghan J. Clark