Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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May 2016


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Spring/Summer 2016
Volume 36, No. 1
Mark Allman and Tobias Winright, Editors

Georgetown University Press no longer publishes the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (JSCE). The journal is now published by the Philosophy Documentation Center. To subscribe or find out more about the journal, please visit the PDC website.

Mark Allman is a professor in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies and faculty associate in the Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Merrimack College.

Tobias Winright is an associate professor in the Department of Theological Studies, St. Louis University.

Table of Contents


Selected Essays
What Powers Us? A Comparative Religious Ethics of Energy Sources, Power, and Privilege
Christiana Z. Peppard, Julia Watts Belser, Erin Lothes Biviano, and James B. Martin-Schramm

Climate Change as Climate Debt: Forging a Just Future
Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda

Cognitive Science, Moral Reasoning, and the Theological Suspicion of Ethics
Neil Messer

Jesus and Hume among the Neuroscientists: Haidt, Greene, and the Unwitting Return of Moral Sense Theory
John Perry

Apologies and Their Import for the Moral Identity of Offenders
Darlene Fozard Weaver

Self-Knowledge and the Approximation of Divine Judgment: Conscience in the Practical Philosophy and Moral Theology of Immanuel Kant
Jeffrey Morgan

The Civic Virtues of Social Anger: A Critically Reconstructed Normative Ethic for Public Life
Michael P. Jaycox

The Prophetic without Power and Disruption without Direction: The Witness of Holy Fools
Jesse Perillo

More than Free Markets: Adam Smith and the Virtue of Responsibility
Joe Blosser

Killing and the Wrongness of Torture
David Decosimo

Book Reviews
The African American Challenge to Just War Theory: A Christian Approach, Ryan P. Cumming

Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation, Jennifer Harvey

Redeeming a Prison Society: A Liturgical and Sacramental Response to Mass Incarceration
, Amy Levad

Bonhoeffer's Black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance Theology and an Ethic of Resistance
, Reggie L. Williams

Waiting for a Glacier to Move: Practicing Social Witness, Jennifer R. Ayres; Domesticated Glory: How the Politics of God Has Tamed America, Gale Heide; and Being Faithful: Christian Commitment in Modern Society, Judith A. Merkle

Resurrecting Democracy: Faith, Citizenship, and the Politics of a Common Life
, Luke Bretherton

Solidarity Ethics: Transformation in a Globalized World, Rebecca Todd Peters

Secular Government, Religious People, Ira C. Lupu and Robert W. Tuttle

Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Death and Dying, William J. Buckley and Karen S. Feldt, editors

Should We Live Forever? The Ethical Ambiguities of Aging, Gilbert Meilaender

Professional Sexual Ethics: A Holistic Ministry Approach, Patricia Beattie Jung and Darryl W. Stephens, editors

Scandal: The Catholic Church and Public Life, Angela Senander

The Artist and the Trinity: Dorothy L. Sayers' Theology of Work, Christine M. Fletcher

Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics, Joel B. Green, editor

Comparative Religious Ethics: Everyday Decisions for Our Everyday Lives, Christine E. Gudorf

Paul and Virtue Ethics: Building Bridges between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology, Daniel J. Harrington, and James F. Keenan