Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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December 2004


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Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Fall/Winter 2004
volume 24, no. 2
Christine E. Gudorf and Paul Lauritzen, Editors

The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics continues to be an essential resource for students, faculty, and scholars in search of the latest developments, thinking, and issues in the world of Christian and religious ethics.

Christine E. Gudorf is an associate professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Florida International University.

Paul Lauritzen is chair of the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Program in Applied Ethics at John Carroll University.

Table of Contents

Selected Essays

Ethics in Popular Culture
June O'Connor

Integrity: Integritas, Innocentia, Simplicitas
Margaret E. Mohrmann

Integrity versus Impartiality: Healing a False Dichotomy
Ann E. Mongoven

Integrity in Catholic Sexual Ethics
Aline H. Kalbian

Composing Love Songs for the Kingdom of God? Creation and Eschatology in Catholic Sexual Ethics
David Cloutier

Redeeming Critique: Resignations to the Cultural Turn in Christian Theology and Ethics
Ted A. Smith

Exemplifying Public Discourse: Christian Faith, American Democracy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Timothy Beach-Verhey

Spiritual Exercises and the Grace of God: Paradoxes of Personal Formation in Augustine
Aaron Stalnaker

Just Peacemaking as Hermeneutical Key: The Need for International Cooperation in Preventing Terrorism
Glen H. Stassen

International Order and Its Current Enemies
Paul W. Schroeder

Book Reviews

Review of Let the Children Come: Re-Imagining Childhood from a Christian Perspective, by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
Ann E. Mongoven

Review of Reproductive Technology: Towards a Theology of Procreative Stewardship, Ethics and Theology, by Brent Waters
Andrea Vicini, SJ

Review of Introduction to Jewish and Catholic Bioethics: A Comparative Analysis, by Aaron L. Mackler
Toby L. Schonfeld

Review of A New Protestant Labor Ethic at Work, by Ken Estey
Pamela K. Brubaker

Review of Unfettered Hope: A Call to Faithful Livin in an Affluent Society, by Marva J. Dawn
Shannon Jung

Review of Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context, by Glen H. Stassen and David P. Gushee
Paul N. Markham

Review of To Do the Right and the Good: A Jewish Approach to Modern Social Ethics, by Elliot N. Dorff; Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World, by Dennis P. Hollinger; and Navigating Right and Wrong: Ethical Decision Making in a Pluralistic Age, by Daniel E. Lee
Donna Yarri