Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

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June 2005


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Excerpt: "Touch on Trial: Power and the Right to Physical Affection" by Christina Traina

Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Spring/Summer 2005
volume 25, no. 1
Christine E. Gudorf and Paul Lauritzen, Editors

The Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics continues to be an essential resource for students, faculty, and scholars in search of the latest developments, thinking, and issues in the world of Christian and religious ethics.

Christine E. Gudorf is an associate professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Florida International University.

Paul Lauritzen
is chair of the Department of Religious Studies and director of the Program in Applied Ethics at John Carroll University.

Table of Contents

Selected Essays

Touch on Trial: Power and the Right to Physical Affection
Christina Traina

The Religious Dimension of Ordinary Human Emotions
Diana Fritz Cates

Because...:Justifying Law/Rationalizing Ethics
Jonathan K. Crane

Women, Beauty, and Justice: Moving Beyond von Balthasar
Susan A. Ross

Mapping "Whiteness": The Complexity of Racial Formation and the Subversive Moral Imagination of the "Motley Crowd"
Alex Mikulich

Ethics, Law, Economics: Legal Regulation of Corporate Responsibility
Jonathan Rothchild

Self-Interest, Deprivation, and Agency: Expanding the Capabilities Approach
Douglas A. Hicks

Ideals and Injuries: The Denial of Difference in the Construction of Christian Family Ideals
Gloria H. Albrecht

The Persistence of Injustice: Challenging Some Dominant Explanations
Joe Pettit

Humanities and Atrocities: Some Reflections
Sumner B. Twiss

Humanities and Atrocities: A Response to Twiss
Paul Lauritzen

Book Reviews