Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower

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July 2022
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Table of Contents

Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower
An Introduction
Second Edition
Ryan Burke, Michael Fowler, and Jahara Matisek, Editors
An essential introduction to contemporary strategy at the operational level of war, now in its second edition

Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower introduces contemporary strategy at the operational level of war, particularly as it relates to airpower. Developed as foundational reading for all US Air Force Academy cadets, Air Force ROTC students, and Officer Training School candidates, this intermediate textbook is designed to close the gap between military theory and practice. It covers strategic foundations; operational design and joint-service operations; the air, space, and cyber capabilities that comprise modern airpower; and contemporary challenges in the application of strategy.

In this second edition, each chapter has been updated and revised, and several sections have been expanded. Part 2, "Military Forces and the Joint Fight," now features separate chapters about each service. Similarly, operational design is expanded from one to four chapters to provide a more thorough step-by-step guide through the process. New chapters in this second edition include "Integrating the Instruments of Power," "The Spectrum of Conflict and Range of Military Operations," and "The Nuclear Weapons Triad and Missile Defense."

Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower's contributing authors and editors include both military practitioners and scholars of security studies, political science, and history. In addition to being required reading for US Air Force cadets, the book provides an essential overview of strategy and practice for anyone interested in modern airpower.
Ryan Burke is a professor in the Department of Military and Strategic Studies at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) and a veteran US Marine Corps officer. He earned his PhD at the University of Delaware's Biden School of Public Policy and Administration and teaches courses on military strategy, international security, and military power projection.

Lt. Col. Michael Fowler is an associate professor in the Department of Military and Strategic Studies at USAFA. He earned his PhD at the Naval Postgraduate School, and now teaches courses in military strategy, international security, targeting, and intelligence collection.

Lt. Col. Jahara Matisek is an associate professor of military and strategic studies and research director at the Strategy and Warfare Center at USAFA. He earned his PhD in political science at Northwestern University. In 2020 he deployed as an E-11 instructor pilot, earning a Bronze Star Medal as director of operations for the 451st Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.
"An excellent primer on military strategy and joint operations. The book reveals the complexities of strategy development by exposing the reader to the tenets of national security and defense; military forces and joint organizational principles; synchronizing operations; military theory and operations; and planning and operational design in the contemporary environment. The authors highlight the importance of strategy development as a multidisciplinary endeavor, drawing from history, theory, doctrine, philosophy, and practice. This book will enhance the warrior-scholar mindset of the current and future officers who read it."—Lt Gen David A. Deptula, USAF (Ret.), dean, Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

"Superbly written by professional military educators, Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Air Power is more than a textbook for air force cadets, though it performs that task admirably. It is also an outstanding primer for anyone interested in how the US military is organized, develops strategy, and employs as a joint force."—Phil Haun, dean of academics, US Naval War College

Table of Contents
Preface: Some Perspectives on Planning and Executing Warfare

Thomas Swaim



Ryan Burke

Part I: National Security and Defense

1. Strategic Foundations and National Security Interests

John T. Farquhar

2. Integrating the Instruments of Power

Paul Bezerra, Mark Grotelueschen, and Marybeth Ulrich

3. Spectrum of Conflict and Range of Military Operations

Danielle Gilbert and Kyleanne Hunter

Part II: Military Forces and the Joint Fight

4. The US Joint Force Structure

Buddhika Jayamaha

5. The US Army and the Land Domain

Brian Drohan

6. The US Navy and the Maritime Domain

James Holmes

7. The US Marine Corps and Expeditionary Power Projection

Ryan Burke and Kyleanne Hunter

8. The US Air Force and the Air Domain

Appendix: USAF Capabilities

Heather Venable

9. The US Space Force and the Space Domain

Michael Martindale

Part III: Synchronizing Operations

10. Special Operations: A Specialized Combatant Command

Jon McPhilamy

11. Cyberpower

Judson C. Dressler

12. Intelligence, ISR, and Strategy

Michael Fowler

13. The Nuclear Weapons Triad and Missile Defense

Frances V. Mercado

Part IV: Military Theory and Operations

14. Theory, Doctrine, and Application of Strategic Air War

John T. Farquhar

15. Contemporary Air Theory Strives for Strategic Effect

John T. Farquhar

16. Constructing a Compellence Strategy

Appendix: Typology Clarification

Michael Fowler

17. The Paradox of Irregular Warfare

John T. Farquhar

18. Airpower's Unconventional Irregular Warfare Challenge

John T. Farquhar

Part V: Planning and Design in the Contemporary Environment

19. Operational Design as a Framework for Strategic Understanding and Agility

Ryan Burke and Rob Grant

20. Framing Wicked Problems to Analyze the Operational Environment

James Davitch and Michael Fowler

21. Analyzing Centers of Gravity

Ryan Burke and Michael Fowler

22. Building Lines of Effort to Link Ends, Ways, and Means

Ryan Burke


Ryan Burke

List of Contributors


Dr. Paul Bezerra, Dr. Ryan Burke, Lt. Col. James Davitch, Lt. Col. Judson C. Dressler, Lt. Col. Brian Drohan, Dr. John T. Farquhar, Dr. Michael Fowler, Dr. Danielle Gilbert, Col. Rob Grant, Dr. Mark E. Grotelueschen, Dr. James Holmes, Dr. Kyleanne Hunter, Dr. Buddhika Jayamaha, Dr. Michael Martindale, Lt. Col. Jahara Matisek, Lt. Col. Jon McPhilamy, Lt. Col. Frances V. Mercado, Col. Thomas Swaim, Dr. Marybeth Ulrich, Dr. Heather Venable