Moral Demands and Personal Obligations

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232 pp., 6 x 9
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April 1994
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Moral Demands and Personal Obligations
Josef Fuchs, SJ

In this collection of recent essays (1988-92), all but one previously unavailable in English, noted theologian Josef Fuchs, SJ, examines key issues in normative morality. Identifying two strains, one based on natural law and a more situational one based on the Golden Rule, he explores the need for plurality in both individual and societal ethics, and the problem of universal versus only general validity. Central ideas that Fuchs develops are the concept of innovative morality as the individual's responsible search for God's will in personal situations; and the significance of the conscience in the face of official statements by the church's magisterium. Among the topics he considers are marriage and sexuality; the beginning and end of life; and international solidarity and social justice.

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Difficult Golden Rule

Part I. The Absolute in Moral Theology

1. The Absolute in Moral Theology

2. Natural Law or Naturalistic Fallacy?

3. What Responsibility?

4. Structures of Sin

5. "Soul" and "Ensoulment"

Part II. Historicity and the Moral Absolute

6. Historicity and Moral Norm

7. Innovative Morality

8. Ethical Problems in the Christian Prayer of the Psalms

9. The Magisterium and Moral Theology

Part III. Conscience and Moral Objectivity

10. Conscience and Conscientious Fidelity

11. "The One Who Hears You Hears Me": Episcopal Moral Directives

12. Ethical Self-Direction?

13. The Faithful Must Not Be Unsettled

14. Spiritual Foundations of the Structural Change in Western Society

15. Law and Grace: A Theme of Moral Theology