The Political and Economic Transition in East Asia

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November 2000
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The Political and Economic Transition in East Asia
Strong Market, Weakening State
Xiaoming Huang, Editor
Since the 1960s, the Asian Tigers have combined economic success and autocratic politics. Now in the wake of a daunting financial crisis, these nations are moving toward political change as well as renewed growth. What direction will these changes take? Will the traditional Asian "development state" give way to the American model of market liberalism?

This book explores the complex transitions under way in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, as the leaderships shift their economic and political relationships in order to survive in the global economy. Written by a team of international scholars in political science, economics, international relations, and Asian studies, this book illuminates the significant changes in the political economies of the major Asian states.
Xiaoming Huang teaches at the Victoria University of Wellington.

Table of Contents


Between the State and the Market: The Problem of Transition in East Asia
Xiaoming Huang

Part I The New Market Conditions

Market Liberalisation and the Problem of Governance in South Korea
Kwan S. Kim

Insitutional Adaptation Under Pressure: China's Changing Economic Environment
Shiping Zheng

Part II The New Political Conditions

China's Aimless State
Peter Harris

The Japanese State: Surviving Neoliberal Political Economy
Seiji Endo

Part III The New State-Market Nexus

Contested State and Competitive State: Managing the Economy in a Democratic Taiwan
Xiaoming Huang

Macroeconomic Dilemmas and Alternative State Strategies: The Post-Developmental State of Taiwan
Stephen P. Green

Part IV The New Global Conditions

Global Dynamics and the Insitutional Flaws of East Asian Governance
Christopher Lingle

Global Capitalism in Crisis: The East Asian Problem in a Wider Context
Harry D. Shutt


Beyond the State and the Market: The Primacy of Human Interest
Xiaoming Huang