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February 2023


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Advanced Russian through Film and Media
Alyssa DeBlasio and Izolda Savenkova

An advanced, student-centered textbook that uses popular media to explore diverse perspectives from across the Russian-speaking world

Pro-dvizhenie is a student-centered, inquiry-based textbook designed to build Advanced-level Russian proficiency through engagement with timely topics that encourage reflection and examination. Whether exploring the role of technology in relationships, learning about indigenous communities of Russia, or reflecting on what it means to live well, Pro-dvizhenie uses popular Russian film, TV, and media as a springboard for various types of activities, including skill-building exercises, essay writing, and group projects. Students are encouraged to challenge assumptions and make intercultural connections throughout while developing ACTFL Advanced-level skills such as argumentation, narration, and collaboration.

Students benefit from extensive activities and resources, including audio and video of diverse voices and viewpoints from across Russia, available to stream on the Press website. A full-service textbook for instructors, Pro-dvizhenie includes extensive online instructors' resources, such as additional grammar and vocabulary assignments, writing and group project prompts, grading rubrics, and answer keys. A modular structure and activities at various levels of difficulty give instructors the flexibility to select material in the book based on their class's needs, making Pro-dvizhenie perfectly suited for mixed-level classrooms. The textbook can be used over one semester or over the course of a full year.

Alyssa Deblasio, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Russian at Dickinson College, where she also contributes to the Film Studies Program and Philosophy Department.

Iza Savenkova is Visiting International Scholar in the Department of Russian at Dickinson College, where she has been teaching Russian language of all levels since 2018. She is a coauthor of the website and a host of the podcast, for which she conducts regular interviews with leaders in the field of Russian language pedagogy.

"Pro-dvizhenie: Advanced Russian through Film and Media is an exciting contribution to Advanced-level Russian-language materials. Every page reflects the vast diversity of Russian life and culture and is designed for all of our students. Pro-dvizhenie is a major step forward in Russian-language pedagogy and sets the bar higher for future textbooks."—Jason Merrill, professor of Russian, Michigan State University and director, Middlebury College, Kathryn Wasserman Davis School of Russian