Science and Religion

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October 2012
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Table of Contents

Science and Religion
Christian and Muslim Perspectives
David Marshall, Editor
Afterword by Rowan Williams

Science and Religion is a record of the 2009 Building Bridges seminar, a dialogue between leading Christian and Muslim scholars convened annually by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The essays in this volume explore how both faith traditions have approached the interface between science and religion and throw light on the ongoing challenges posed by this issue today. The volume includes a selection of relevant texts together with commentary that illuminates the scriptures, the ideas of key religious thinkers, and also the legacy of Charles Darwin.

The Reverend Dr. David Marshall is the academic director of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Building Bridges seminar and a research fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University.

"This volume offers a panoramic look at the problem of the relationship between science and religion . . . with the firm intention of stimulating further discussion."—Islamochristiana

"For those who have neither time nor expertise to delve deeply into this highly complex field, this latest compilation of texts and discussions from the eighth of the Archbishop of Canterbury's 'Building Bridges' seminars (held in Turkey in 2009) is an appetizer that points the way towards further readings."—Islam and Christian Muslim Relations

Table of Contents
David Marshall

Building Bridges in Istanbul
Rowan Williams

Part I: Surveys
Science and the Christian Tradition: A Brief Overview
John Hedley Brooke

Science and Religion in the History of Islam
Ahmad Dallal

Science and Religious Belief in the Modern World: Challenges and Opportunities
Denis Alexander

Part II: Texts and Commentaries
Biblical Texts
Ellen F. Davis

What is Creation? Subtle Insights from Genesis 1 Concerning the Order of the World
Michael Welker

Qur' nic Texts
Mustansir Mir

Classical Christian Texts
Commentary: Science and Religion in the Classical Christian Tradition
Emmanuel Clapsis

Classical Islamic Texts
Commentary: The Importance of al-Ghaz l and Ibn Rushd in the History of Islamic
Discourse on Religion and Science
Osman Bakar

Charles Darwin
Introduction to Darwin and the Selected Texts
John Hedley Brooke

Early Arabic Views of Darwin
Marwa Elshakry

Modern Islamic Texts
Introduction to Qutb and al-Sha'r w
Sherine Hamdy

Pope John Paul II
Celia Deane-Drummond

Rowan Williams


Denis Alexander Osman Bakar John Hedley Brooke Emmanuel Clapsis Ahmad Dallal Ellen F. Davis Celia Deane-Drummond Marwa Elshakry Sherine Hamdy Mustansir Mir Michael Welker Rowan Williams