What Kind of Life?

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320 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780878405732 (0878405739)

February 1995
LC: 94-34440



What Kind of Life?
The Limits of Medical Progress
Daniel Callahan

A provocative call to rethink America's values in health care.

"A sober, bracing and important look at the realities of medicine and its costs."—Los Angeles Times

"Callahan writes . . . with elegance and lucidity; he excels at describing present irrationalities and in underscoring the benefits anticipated in his new model health care system."—New York Times Book Review

"Essential for collections in health, medicine, and the social sciences."—Library Journal

"A graceful . . . book that makes a substantive contribution to our thinking about the legitimate claims of the individual on society, and the unexamined values behind the development of medical technology. . . . He offers a vision that is both wise and compassionate for addressing the most pressing domestic problem of our time."—Commonweal

"An important contribution. It lays bare the bankrupt assumptions of the current health care system, and it serves as a forceful reminder of the trade-offs both within our health care system and between health and other societal values."—Health Affairs

"An important piece of work. It is lucid, generally compelling, often eloquent, decidedly visionary, and undoubtedly daring. Future discussions of health care reform cannot afford to ignore it, whether or not the participants find themselves in agreement."—Bulletin of the Park Ridge Center

"A challenging book, which makes a splendid effort to unite moral and policy analysis and succeeds at many levels. . . . He deals with issues central to our times and tells us much that we can learn from, even when we disagree with him."—JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)

"It has the ring of common sense and realism."—New Yorker