A World of Grace

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September 1995
LC: 95-23073


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A World of Grace
An Introduction to the Themes and Foundations of Karl Rahner's Theology
Leo O'Donovan, SJ, Editor

Organized as a companion volume to Karl Rahner's master work, Foundations of Christian Faith, this book, now again available, also provides the most useful introduction to his theology as a whole. Each chapter presents a broad commentary on the corresponding chapter of Foundations, beginning with Rahner's method and anthropology and concluding with his theology of the church and eschatology. It includes a separate chapter on Rahner's moral thought. Valuable for classroom or individual use, this volume provides questions for discussion, suggestions for further reading, and an extensive glossary of specialized terminology.

Leo J. O'Donovan, SJ served as president of Georgetown University from 1989 to 2001.

Table of Contents
Leo J. O'Donovan

1. Theology in a New Key
William V. Dych

2. Starting with the Human
Anne E. Carr

3. Within the Holy Mystery
Michael J. Buckley

4. The Bonds of Freedom
Brian O. McDermott

5. The Invitation of Grace
John P. Galvin

6. A History of Grace
Thomas F. O'Meara

7. Discovering Jesus Christ: A History We Share
J. Peter Schineller

8. Anticipating Jesus Christ: An Account of Our Hope
Otto H. Hentz

9. On Being Christian-Together
Michael A. Fahey

10. The Realism of Christian Life
John Carmody

11. The Hope for Humanity
William M. Thompson

12. An Ethics of Faith
James F. Bresnahan

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