Advanced Media Arabic

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March 2017
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Table of Contents
Advanced Media Arabic Audio Listening Material (click here to download)

Advanced Media Arabic

Second Edition
El Mustapha Lahlali

Headlines—print and broadcast—have gone global. As a result, news and information from authentic sources make a useful resource for foreign language learners.

Advanced Media Arabic, Second Edition systematically introduces authentic texts and audio files from a wide variety of media sources. This textbook helps students develop analytical and translation skills in Arabic and expand their reading, writing, listening, and speaking capabilities.
The very successful first edition has been updated in a variety of ways, including:
• New texts and audio for each module, including radio as well as TV materials
• A new module on "The Language of Revolutions" and another on "Language and
• New and more extensive exercises
• New audio and vocabulary lists
• Updated color design for the interior

Each chapter provides important vocabulary; examples of language in context; exercises for reading and listening comprehension, writing, and translation; and a section for discussion and debate.

The listening material—more than 80 minutes—is available for free online at

El Mustapha Lahlali is Associate Professor of Arabic at the University of Leeds. He regularly teaches courses on the Arab media, as well as media translation courses.

"It would be a useful addition to library and language-center collections at any institution that offers Arabic. . . .The design of the book, with its web resources and answer key, make it quite practical for self-study and, thus, it would be a useful resource for students. . . .The book will also be a valuable resource for language instructors . . . they will find much in it that will benefit them in their teaching."—MELA Notes

"Advanced Media Arabic is desperately needed as a resource for learners of Modern Standard Arabic. It is a significant contribution to the field of Arabic Studies, enriching the experience of both the students and instructors. I highly recommended it due to its meticulous selection of well-developed texts, extensive vocabulary, and a plethora of exercises, leading to proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic."—Jonas Elbousty, Yale University

Table of Contents

1. Diplomacy

2. Elections

3. Violence and Anarchy

4. War and Military Action

5. Economy

6. Law and Order

7. Trade and Industry

8. Reports on Language and Culture

9. Natural Disasters

10. Revolutions

11. "War on Terrorism"

12. Radio and TV Extracts

Arabic-English Glossary
Sample Text