Business Japanese

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July 2001
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Business Japanese
Shoji Azuma and Ryo Sambongi

Written for intermediate to advanced students of Japanese, this book focuses on the language used in real-life business situations, giving students both the linguistic skills and the practical information they need to conduct business in Japan.

More than a guide to language and vocabulary, Business Japanese emphasizes critical thinking and cultural awareness. The book covers Internet and other technical terminology, numbers, and the phrasing of corporate documents. In addition to language elements, the authors provide a short course in the cultural learning that takes place when Americans do business in Japan, discussing topics such as interpersonal dynamics and communications styles. The book also uses the case-study method commonly accepted in business schools. Appropriate for content-based courses as well as the independent student, Business Japanese is not only an effective language text but also an intercultural handbook.

Shoji Azuma is associate professor of Japanese at the University of Utah.

Ryo Sambongi is an instructor in the business school at Brigham Young University.
"After reading this book, one cannot help but gain respect and admiration for the content-based materials for a language course that a language specialist and a content area specialist can accomplish together. This book is exemplary in showing language professionals new directions for broader materials development, such as health, social work, and science."—Modern Language Journal

"Business Japanese demonstrates what a superb linguist working jointly with a seasoned business professional can accomplish. It is a welcome addition to the field of teaching Japanese for business purposes."—Yoshiko Higurashi, San Diego State University

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Japanese Preface
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1 Katakana
2 Internet no Sekai
3 Ningen Kankei
4 Urikomi
5 Sokudoku
6 Senmon Yoogo no Kanji
7 Suuji
8 Keisan
9 Case Study

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