C'est ce qu'on dit Companion Website Access Card (Lingco)

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ISBN: 9781647122102 ()

August 2021



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C'est ce qu'on dit Companion Website Access Card (Lingco)
Deuxième année de français
Student's Edition
Claude Grangier and Nadine O'Connor Di Vito

This is the companion website access code for C'est ce qu'on dit with Website: Deuxième année de français, for student use only. The companion website accompanies the C'est ce qu'on dit textbook, and includes fully integrated exercises, some with immediate, automated feedback. If you are enrolled in an instructor-led course, your instructor can track your online progress, assign grades, and give you feedback. Learners who are not enrolled in an instructor-led course receive automated feedback for most of the exercises and, sometimes, see example responses. The companion website is powered by Lingco. If you are an instructor, please visit the textbook series website for more information on how to set up your course.

Claude Grangier was Senior Lecturer and French Language Coordinator at the University of Chicago until 2018. With an academic background in philosophy, she devoted over 40 years to teaching French as a foreign language, researching foreign language teaching methodology, and developing language learning materials.

Nadine O'Connor Di Vito is Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago and was Director of Language Programs in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures from 1992 until 2018. Specializing in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis, she has developed and analyzed several corpora of French spoken discourse. She is the author of Patterns Across Spoken and Written French: Empirical Research on the Interaction Among Forms, Functions, and Genres as well as numerous articles in sociolinguistics and foreign language teaching and acquisition.

Marie Berg has been a Lecturer in French at the University of Chicago for over 10 years, during which time she has been teaching and developing material for third-year students.