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January 2016



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Companion Website Access Key for Gramática para la composición

tercera edición, Student's Edition
M. Stanley Whitley, Luis González, and Claudia Ospina
The website access key gives students 18 months' of access to the companion website for Gramática para la composición, tercera edición, the latest edition of the best-selling textbook. The card includes a code that allows you to access the site at, once you have created an account.

The access card may take up to 10 days for delivery.  To purchase immediate access go to

The fully redesigned companion website includes:
• Homework activities—two-thirds more than the previous edition
• An instructor's workstation, allowing teachers to track student progress through the course
• Grading options, allowing teachers to monitor assignments, respond to student work, and set a rubric

About Gramática para la composición, tercera edición
Integrating grammar and composition, this new edition of the best-selling textbook, guides the advanced student through progressively more complex types of writing by organizing the grammar lessons on a functionalist basis around the needs of composition. This innovative approach to teaching Spanish grammar and composition promotes systemic language development and enables students to strengthen their expressive and editing skills in the language in order to write more effectively and confidently.

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M. Stanley Whitley is professor emeritus of Spanish and linguistics at Wake Forest University. He is the author of Spanish/English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics, coauthor of Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures: How to Use William Bull's Visual Grammar of Spanish, and coauthor of Pronouncing English: A Stress-Based Approach with CD-ROM.

Luis González is associate professor of Spanish at Wake Forest University.

Claudia Ospina is lecturer in Spanish at Wake Forest University.