Current Studies in Spanish Linguistics

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654 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780878402342 (0878402349)

March 1992
LC: 91-25304



Current Studies in Spanish Linguistics
Héctor Campos and Fernando Martinez-Gil, Editors

In this invited volume, experts in Spanish linguistics who subscribe to the Chomskyian thory of Universal Grammar, along with the editors, approach the general applicability of this model from the perspectives of their subdisciplines: language acquisition, syntax, semantics, phonology, and morphology. Their research points to the verification of the Chomskyian linguistic theory as a general framework for explaining phenomena in language acquistion and use—and, more generally, to the possible development of a model of mind based on linguistic theory. Current Studies in Spanish Linguistics will interest all specialists in Spanish and theoretical linguistics, as well as those interested in cognitive science, psychology, philosophy of mind, and artificial intelligence.

"The volume represents a well-conceived, unprecedented collection of stimulating insights into syntax, semantics, phonology, morphology, and acquisition by an impressive list of language scholars work in the forefront of the field."—Carl Kirschner, Rutgers University

"With Current Studies in Spanish Linguistics, Georgetown University Press has added a very important anthology to its already fine linguistics library. [These] comprehensive essays by sixteen very talented linguists . . .include work by some of the most well-known, and highly respected scholars in Hispanic linguistics today, as well as studies by the next generation of scholars. [Together they] provide a valuable perspective on the phonological, morphological, syntactic, and semantic issues in Hispanic linguistics and in linguistic theory in general....The works in this volume confirm that the study of Hispanic linguistics in the the rest of the 1990s will be interesting, exciting, and rewarding."—Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville