Evolution and Revolution in Linguistic Theory

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432 pp., 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780878402489 (0878402489)

January 1996
LC: 95-1843



Evolution and Revolution in Linguistic Theory
Studies in Honor of Carlos P. Otero
Héctor Campos and Paula Kempchinsky, Editors

This volume presents essays by some of the leading figures in the vanguard of theoretical linguistics within the framework of universal grammmar. One of the first books to adopt the "minimalist" framework to syntactic analysis, it includes a central essay by Noam Chomsky on the minimalist program and covers a range of topics in syntax and morphology.

Contributors: Luigi Burzio, Héctor Campos, Noam Chomsky, Joseph E. Emonds, Robert Freidin, James Harris, Ray Jackendoff, Paula Kempchinsky, Howard Lasnik, Claudia Parodi, Carlos Piera, A. Carlos Quicoli, Dominique Sportiche, Esther Torrego.