The Georgetown Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic

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ISBN: 9781589019157 (1589019156)

September 2013


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The Georgetown Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic
Arabic-English, English-Arabic
Mohamed Maamouri, Editor
The Georgetown Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic is a modernized, up-to-date dialectal Arabic language resource that promotes successful daily communication with native Arabic speakers. Students, teachers, and scholars of Arabic will welcome this dramatically overhauled edition of one of the only Arabic dialect dictionaries of its kind—establishing a new standard in Arabic reference.

This comprehensive reference focuses on conversation, emphasizing the colloquial speech of educated residents of Baghdad. The dictionary assumes familiarity with the Arabic alphabet, the standard organization of Arabic dictionaries along the triconsonantal root system, and the formation of Arabic verb forms.

• Approximately 17,500 Iraqi Arabic entries
• Approximately 10,750 English-to-Iraqi entries
• An increase of more than 30 percent in terms that reflect current vocabulary and usage
• Provides conventional Arabic script for main entries, and organized by root, as standard for Arabic dictionaries
• Employs International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for all terms to demonstrate correct pronunciation
• Offers extensive example sentences to illustrate how the Iraqi words are used
• Indicates relevant parts of speech for each Iraqi entry and subentry
Mohamed Maamouri is a senior research administrator at the Linguistic Data Consortium at The University of Pennsylvania, where he directs the Arabic Treebank Group and the development of Arabic resources and projects. He specializes primarily in Arabic linguistics, reading, language development, corpus linguistics, and sociolinguistics.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Dictionary
Pronouncing Iraqi Arabic
PART I: Iraqi to English
PART II: Englis to Iraqi