A Glossary of Morphology

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September 2004
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A Glossary of Morphology
Laurie Bauer
From "abbreviation" and "abessive" to "zero morph" and "zero-derivation," this invaluable little glossary translates complicated morphology terms and phrases into clear definitions. It covers both traditional and contemporary terminology, explaining fundamental terms in a comprehensive way for the beginner and revealing theoretical assumptions behind the labels for the more advanced reader. It can be read thematically to get a view of some of the fundamental issues in morphology by following links from one entry to another.

With an introductory, nontechnical overview of morphology for the beginner and an annotated bibliography with suggestions for further reading, its many cross-references link different approaches, related terms, and alternative terms. More extensive than the glossaries that appear in the back of linguistics textbooks, this book, thoroughly up to date, is a friendly at-your-side guide for anyone interested in the form and structure of words.
Laurie Bauer is a professor of linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He is the morphology editor for the Encyclopedia of Morphology and author of Introducing Linguistic Morphology.
"Excellent reference for any new student of the field, both undergraduate and graduate, as well for nonspecialists who occasionally need fundamental information about morphology."—eLanguage.net

"For students of linguistics, A Glossary of Morphology fills a substantial need as the first-ever dictionary of morphology...it will also be useful for specialists in related fields, including anthropology, philosophy, computer science, and language pedagogy. An essential resource for undergraduates pursuing studies in morphology, and indeed, for graduate students and professional linguists whose specializations are outside of morphology."—Gregory Stump, professor of English and linguistics, University of Kentucky

"It is becoming the norm for morphology textbooks (in fact most linguistics textbooks) to have glossaries in the back of the book, but nothing compares to the scope and level of explanation found in A Glossary of Morphology. The scholarship is superior. The introduction is well written and helpful and the indexes are well organized. The cross-referencing between glossary entries is also very useful and well done."—Donna Lardiere, associate professor of linguistics, Georgetown University

"It is difficult to think of a person better qualified—as well as being a leading scholar and theoretician in the field of morphology—Laurie Bauer is also an excellent teacher and writer who knows how to make complex ideas accessible."—Francis Katamba, professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language, Lancaster University, U.K.

"Bauer's A Glossary of Morphology should prove to be a very useful teaching aid. The coverage is wide, with ample cross-referencing, and the explanations and definitions are straightforward and concise, with a minimum of technicality."—Andrew Spencer, professor, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex

Table of Contents

1. Glossary of Morphology
2. Fundamental Works

Select Bibliography of Books on Morphology