<i>Gramática para la composición,</i>Teacher's Bundle

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January 2016


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Gramática para la composición,Teacher's Bundle
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tercera edición, Teacher's Edition
M. Stanley Whitley, Luis González, and Claudia Ospina

This bundle, for teacher use, includes one copy of the student's textbook and one companion website access key for teachers. This bundle is not for sale but can be requested using our Exam Copy/Desk Copy Request Form. Please also look for the Instructor's Manual for helpful teaching strategies and more about pedagogy of the book, available as a free download from our website.

About Gramática para la composición, tercera edición

Integrating grammar and composition, this new edition of the best-selling textbook guides the advanced student through progressively more complex types of writing by organizing the grammar lessons on a functionalist basis around the needs of composition. This innovative approach to teaching Spanish grammar and composition promotes systematic language development and enables students to strengthen their expressive and editing skills in the language in order to write more effectively and confidently.

Refined by years of classroom testing and analysis of the problems students encounter, this new edition features the following:

• A new, colorful design helps students navigate the book more easily and engages visual learning strategies.

• Readings for the major composition exercises have been updated to stress authentic, connected discourse.

• A fully redesigned companion website that works with both PCs and Macs. Website access is free for instructors and can be purchased separately or as part of a bundle by students.

• The site offers two-thirds more activities than the previous edition and features an instructor's interface for tracking student progress.

• Streamlined treatment of points of grammar, including an explanation for more than twelve functions of se with a rule of subject reflexivization.

• The instructor's manual for Gramática para la composición, tercera edición is available for free on the press's website. A wonderful resource for instructors, the manual includes details on updates to the new edition, suggested lesson sequences for different course lengths, and a sectional index of the text.

M. Stanley Whitley is professor emeritus of Spanish and linguistics at Wake Forest University. He is the author of Spanish/English Contrasts: A Course in Spanish Linguistics, coauthor of Teaching Spanish Grammar with Pictures: How to Use William Bull's Visual Grammar of Spanish, and coauthor of Pronouncing English: A Stress-Based Approach with CD-ROM.

Luis González is associate professor of Spanish at Wake Forest University.

Claudia Ospina is a lecturer in Spanish at Wake Forest University.