From Latin to Romance in Sound Charts

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January 1980
LC: 80-11645


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From Latin to Romance in Sound Charts
Peter Boyd-Bowman
This handbook offers a synopsis of the regular changes that Latin words underwent in the course of their evolution into modern Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with their English cognates). Although it is intended for the nonspecialist, students of Romance philology will find it useful as a ready reference and as a source of abundant examples of Latin sound changes.

The synopsis is presented in the form of separate alphabetical charts for each major sound change. The rules, stated as simply as possible, do not generally explain the evolution of the changes, but only the end results. For those desiring further information, there are notes after most rules outlining exceptions to or modifications of that rule and often sketching successive stages in the development of the sound. Several minor or sporadic sound changes are also treated in note form. Each chart is supplemented by a list of additional words illustrating the same sound change.

From Latin to Roman in Sound Charts has been used successfully as a graduate level text for such courses as History of Spanish, History of French, and Romance Linguistics.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and some basic terminology

The phonetic alphabet

Synopsis of Vulgar Latin

A synopsis of the origin and development of French sibilants

A synopsis of the origin and development of Spanish sibilants

A survey of the phonetic characteristics of Peninsular Portuguese


Table of Cross References

Answers to the Exercises

Glossary of linguistic terminology

Selected bibliography