Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture, Student Bundle

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June 2017


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Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture, Student Bundle
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Benjamin Rifkin, Evgeny Dengub, and Susanna Nazarova

The Smart Sparrow Electronic Workbook will not be available after December 31, 2020. It is free to access until that date.

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The Panorama multimedia textbook includes both the student textbook and free access to the Smart Sparrow Electronic Workbook. Panorama moves intermediate-level students of Russian toward advanced proficiency by engaging them in a systematic and comprehensive approach to Russian grammar with texts from a variety of genres, including proverbs and sayings to immerse students in Russian culture.

By reading and listening to Russian literary classics and contemporary nonfiction texts, students develop a contextual understanding of Russian culture and forms of expression that grow their command of vocabulary, grammar, and complex syntax. The textbook includes comprehensive in-class vocabulary and grammar exercises and discussion topics as well as reading texts (for work in class and at home), summative oral and written exercises, and compelling color photos.
The Smart Sparrow Electronic Workbook includes homework exercises to practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking.

Features of Panorama:

• Content can be used in one semester/two terms or for a full year
• Modular structure allows instructors flexibility to assign chapters in their own sequence
• Authentic photojournalist photos to prompt discussion exercises for each chapter topic
• Summative exercises for each chapter test student mastery of the grammar topics, vocabulary, and cultural competence related to the chapter theme in a written essay format
• Most grammar examples and exercises are drawn from the Russian National Corpus
• Readings include blogs, blog comments, articles, and interviews, exposing students to current Russian culture and language.

For Teachers

Exam copies of the textbook, workbook, and workbook answer keys are available free of charge to instructors and must be requested separately. Textbook exam copies can be ordered on this page. To request digital exam copies of the Ebook Workbook and Workbook Answer Keys please visit the pages for each of those products.