The Social Turn in Second Language Acquisition

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March 2003
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The Social Turn in Second Language Acquisition
David Block

David Block asks the question "What is second language acquisition (SLA)?" by offering an extended critique of one of the main theoretical approaches to second language acquisition: the "Input-Interaction-Output" model. He argues that a more interdisciplinary and socially informed approach to SLA research is in order, and he draws on recent work in sociolinguistics as well as SLA research influenced by sociolinguistic and sociohistorical approaches to language and language learning. In so doing, he demonstrates that there is a need to broaden the horizons of second language acquisition. Finally, he offers some important thoughts on the future direction of SLA research, and includes an extensive bibliography.

David Block is a lecturer in the School of Culture, Language and Communication at the Institute of Education, University of London, and is the coeditor of Globalization and Language Teaching.

"This book should be on the reading list of all SLA researchers and committed language teachers."—Modern Language Journal

"Block presents a cogent argument for how the 'social' can be integrated with the 'cognitive' in L2 research. His proposal will surely need to be taken seriously by researchers wishing to build a coherent and comprehensive theory of SLA."—James P. Lantolf, professor of applied linguistics and director of the Center for Language Acquisition, The Pennsylvania State University

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. A Short History of Second Language Acquisition

3. What Does the 'S' in SLA Stand For?

4. What Does the 'L' in SLA Stand For?

5. What Does the 'A' in SLA Stand For?

6. Some Thoughts about the Future