Sociolingüística y pragmática del español

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March 2017
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Georgetown Studies in Spanish Linguistics series


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Sociolingüística y pragmática del español

segunda edición
Carmen Silva-Corvalán and Andrés Enrique-Arias
This thoroughly updated second edition provides a clear and comprehensive overview of sociolinguistics and the pragmatics of oral communication in Spanish. While maintaining the same structure as the first edition, it includes revised "Ejercicios de reflexión" and new comprehension checks at the end of each chapter, along with numerous bibliographic references throughout, enhancing its use as a classroom text. Among the significant revisions are new sections on corpus linguistics and on statistical modeling programs for studying linguistic variables, an expanded chapter on the study of linguistic attitudes with special attention to Spanish in the United States, greater attention to the relation of pragmatics to sociolinguistics, including coverage of verbal politeness and forms of address, and updated information on Spanglish and on the teaching of Spanish as a heritage language.
Carmen Silva-Corvalán is a professor of Spanish and linguistics at the University of Southern California. She is author of Spanish in Four Continents:Studies in Language Contact (GUP) and Bilingual Language Acquisition: Spanish and English in the First Six Years, among other works.

Andrés Enrique-Arias is an associate professor of Spanish at the Universitat de les Illes Balears and the author of numerous publications on the historical aspects of Spanish morphosyntax.
John M. Lipski, Series Editor
"Written with commendable clarity and intellectual generosity, this renewal of an already impeccable first edition offers the reader a wide-ranging view of the field with a wealth of examples, thoughtful questions, and useful research suggestions. It is an indispensable source of information and ideas for scholars and students of Spanish language and linguistics."—Andrew Lynch, associate professor of Spanish and Latin American studies, University of Miami

"An inspiring must-read, this will be the textbook of choice and set the research agenda in the field for years to come. Readers are invited to join in discovering the fascinating structure of language variation across the Spanish-speaking world, grounded in the scientific method and the speech community."—Rena Torres-Cacoullos, Penn State University

"Si quiere aprender sobre la sociolingüística de hoy día con un enfoque en el español, compre el libro de Silva-Corvalán y Enrique-Arias. Los autores proveen ejercicios excelentes que apoyan su presentación de elementos fundamentales tales como: el trabajo de campo y la entrevista; la dialectología y los estudios variacionistas; la variable sociolingüística y el cambio lingüístico; los factores sociales y los debates sobre el sexo/género; la clase social o la comunidad de práctica; el rol de la pragmática y otros campos de la lingüística; y los estudios de lenguas en contacto; actitudes lingüísticas; el español de los Estados Unidos y la sociolingüística aplicada. En fin, es un texto escencial y abarcador."

If you want to learn about the sociolinguistics of today with a focus on Spanish, buy this book by Silva-Corvalán and Enrique-Arias. They provide excellent exercises which support their presentation of fundamental issues such as fieldwork and the interview, dialectology and variationist research, the sociolinguistic variable and language change, social factors and related debates on sex/gender, social class or the community of practice, the role of pragmatics and other linguistic sub-disciplines, and research into languages in contact, linguistic attitudes, Spanish in the US, and applied sociolinguistics. In short, this is an essential and comprehensive textbook."—Richard Cameron, University of Illinois at Chicago

Table of Contents
Prefacio, primera edición
Prefacio, segunda edición

Capítulo 1: Lengua, variación y dialectos

Capítulo 2: Metodología

Capítulo 3: El estudio de actitudes lingüisticas

Capítulo 4: Teoría de la variación y sociofonología

Capítulo 5: Variación sintáctica y morfosintáctica

Capítulo 6: Pragmática del discurso oral

Capítulo 7: Variación y cambio

Capítulo 8: Lenguas en contacto y bilingüismo

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