Working Portuguese for Beginners

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512 pp., 8.5 x 11
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June 2010
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Working Languages


Table of Contents
Unit 2

Working Portuguese for Beginners

Student's Edition
Monica Rector, Regina Santos, and Marcelo Amorim, with M. Lynne Gerber

Working Portuguese for Beginners enables English speakers with no prior knowledge of Brazilian Portuguese to develop the basic communication skills and cultural knowledge needed to visit Brazil and to function in a work environment in which Portuguese is spoken. This language program presents not only all the situations and grammar normally covered in an elementary Portuguese textbook but also includes situations set in a business context in every lesson.

Major Features:
• Twenty-four lessons, the last four concluding with a special independent project in which the student applies the language to his or her area of professional interest
• Clear objectives for acquiring language skills, grammar, and cultural understanding
• Lessons cover the important basics normally covered in any beginning Portuguese textbook such as introductions and greetings, counting, making travel plans, taking public transportation, and asking for directions
• Lessons cover business tasks such as negotiating a contract, presenting a new product, writing a business memo—all in Brazilian Portuguese
• Lessons provide dialogues and vocabulary lists for reading and listening, grammar, cultural reading, and interactive homework
• Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese glossaries offer additional help with vocabulary
• Course can be combined with affordable online access to self-grading exercises (available through, $24.95 per student for 18 months of access)

Student's Book
• Includes MP3 tracks of vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises on CD
• Lessons are valuable to the classroom student as well as self-directed independent learners

Teacher's Edition
• Includes a CD-ROM with all MP3 tracks of vocabulary, dialogues, and audio exercises found on the student's disk
• CD-ROM also provides quizzes and a midterm, materials for special activities, and approximately 300 supplementary PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation

Online teaching features at
• Instructor-managed class activities and exercises
• Monitoring of student progress
• Customized grading options online
• Students can complete exercises online, submit their answers electronically to their instructor, and receive automatic feedback
• Teachers can also use Quia templates to build their own exercises or use exercises developed by other instructors to provide added help for students
• Motivated self-directed learners can also access the self-grading online exercises at (no instructor feedback will be provided)


System Requirements for Student's Edition Textbook Disk
• Windows 2000 or later or Mac OS 10.2 or later
• DVD-ROM drive on a computer or conventional DVD-ROM with MP3 player
• Sound card and speakers or earphones for audio
• An MP3 player, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes (available as a free download)

System Requirements for Teacher's Edition Textbook DVD-ROM
• Windows 2000 or later (including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) or Mac OS 10.2 or later (including OS X 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6)
• DVD-ROM drive
• Sound card and either speakers or earphones (for MP3 files)
• For PCs, Microsoft Word 2000 or later or for Macs, Microsoft Word X or later (for .doc files)
• For PCs: PowerPoint 2000 or later (to edit PowerPoint PPT files) or to view PowerPoints only, PowerPoint Viewer 2003 or higher (available as a free download from; for Macs: PowerPoint X or later (for PowerPoint files)
• An MP3 player, such as Windows Media Player or iTunes (available, respectively, as a free download from and
• For PCs, Adobe Acrobat or Reader 9 or later, or for Macs Adobe Acrobat or Reader 6.0 or later (Adobe Reader is available as a free download from

System Requirements for the Online Exercises (Mac and PC)
• Computer with Internet access, preferably a high-speed connection
• Java-enabled browser: PC: Internet Explorer 6.x or higher, or Firefox 3.x or higher
Mac: Firefox 3.x or higher, or Safari 3.x or higher
• The program QuickTime (available as a free download from is needed to play audio
• Speakers or headphones to hear audio
• Microphone to record answers or responses

Monica Rector is a professor of Portuguese in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Regina Santos is the assistant director of the Portuguese School at Middlebury College.

Marcelo Amorim is a professor of Portuguese language and linguistics at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.

M. Lynne Gerber is the executive director of the Center for International Business Education and Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

"An outstanding addition to the growing field of Portuguese language pedagogy."—Modern Language Journal Reviews Office

"Working Portuguese for Beginners offers . . . vocabulary, exercises, and grammatical concepts . . . in a Brazilian business context. With added ancillary materials, the text may well be suited for self-guided study . . . a welcome addition."—Carmen Tesser, professor emerita, University of Georgia, and founding director, Portuguese School at Middlebury College

"Working Portuguese is a long overdue book that will help learners to manage several different situations: from informal conversation among close friends, to social gatherings, to business meetings. Rich in exercises, its PowerPoint complement makes this book a tool for knowledge, reading, and excellent practice."—Regina Igel, University of Maryland

"A Portuguese language and culture primer for those interested in Brazil for business and/or leisure purposes. Current dialogues, comprehensive bilingual explanations, and ease of handling facilitate self-directed learning. A good mix of language, culture, and business."—Maria Antonia Cowles (Ret.), director, Language and Culture Program, The Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies, Wharton-SAS, University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents
Índice Table of Contents


Introduction to Working Portuguese

Introdução à língua portuguesa Introduction to the Portuguese Language

Unidade 1: Construindo relações no trabalho Unit 1: Building business relationships

Lição 1: Familiarizando-se

Lição 2: Identificando pessoas e lugares

Lição 3: Descrições e horas

Lição 4: Os planos

Unidade 2: No trabalho Unit 2: At Work

Lição 5: Na empresa

Lição 6: Planejando a semana

Lição 7: Rotina diária

Lição 8: Fazendo comparações e contrastes

Unidade 3: Compromissos sociais e viagem Unit 3: Social Interaction and Trips

Lição 9: Falando sobre o tempo (clima) e sobre viagens

Lição 10: Fazendo reservas e lidando com dinheiro

Lição 11: Fazendo reservas por telefone

Lição 12: Como chegar ao seu destino

Unidade 4: Reuniões Unit 4: Meetings

Lição 13: Tratando de negócios em um restaurante

Lição 14: Planejando uma reunião e aceitando um convite

Lição 15: Escrevendo cartas formais e informais e marcando um encontro

Lição 16: Coordenando uma reunião de negócios

Unidade 5: Desafios gerenciais Unit 5: Management Challenges

Lição 17: Vendendo sua ideia e negociando um acordo

Lição 18: Avaliações de desempenho e de metas do departamento

Lição 19: Tomando decisões administrativas

Lição 20: Discutindo o desempenho da companhia e de seus funcionários

Unidade 6: Usando Working Portuguese Unit 6: Making Working Portuguese work for you

Lição 21: Iniciando o projeto e entregando o esquema do projeto

Lição 22: Compartilhando o título e o resumo do projeto com seus colegas

Lição 23: O vocabulário de seu projeto

Lição 24: As Apresentações

Appendix: Dialogues in English

English to Portuguese Glossary

Portuguese to English Glossary