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Advancing Human Rights series

Sumner B. Twiss, John Kelsay, and Terry Coonan, series editors

Advancing Human Rights is guided by a vision of the human rights field as interdisciplinary, international, and comparative, combining both scholarship and advocacy. While the series contains volumes on all aspects of human rights, it especially promotes three foci, either singly or in interaction: human rights and ethical inquiry; human rights and humanitarian law in international and national contexts; human rights and criminal justice. These foci are pursued in a way that is informed by world trends and developments, such as increasing emphasis on the interdependence of social-cultural, civil, and economic rights, processes of globalization, environmental and social justice concerns, ethnonational conflict, and the treatment of marginalized or otherwise vulnerable groups and populations. This series is no longer accepting new manuscripts.

The Case That Changed the Face of Human Rights
Changing Strategies of Development and Human Rights NGOs
Islam, Human Rights, and Comparative Ethics
Gender Violence and Reproductive Rights
Human Rights Programming in International Organizations
A Comparative Study
The Human Right to Adequate Food
The Ecumenical Church and Human Rights